Architectural Mailboxes (and Numbers!)

Just bought the Architectural Mailboxes 2407PS Metropolis Locking Wall Mount Mailbox, Brushed Stainless @ Amazon for cheaper AND free shipping!!! Amazon’s price is the same as Home Depot which is also offering free shipping (its on sale for the month of April).

thanks for letting us know.

Right, but you get 5% cash back at HomeDepot with Discover Card this quarter. - So home depot might be a better deal

It’s a mailbox. Show the friggin’ opening.

I bought the Architectural Maibox’s Elephant Trunk from Home Depot last week for $239.20 including free shipping, so $229 + $5 is a decent price.

The Elephant Trunk was delivered yesterday. Can’t say I’m thrilled with the quality. It was pretty scuffed up from rubbing during shipping and it is trivially easy to pull the wire out of the piano hinge on the access door using nothing but a pair of needle nose pliers. Kinda reminds me of the infamous hack of Kryptonite bike locks using a Bic pen. Why both with the lock when I can just pull the hinge pin? Not that secure in other words.

On top of that, one of the screw holes in the handle isn’t tapped properly and despite what the manufacturer says on their website it is NOT powder coated prior to assembly. It was definitely powder coated after assembly.

So it’s okay for the price, but don’t expect high-quality.

Take a look at the vendor website. Here’s a link to the Geneva. Looks nice. In for the black one.

I don’t understand. What is this thing and what is it used for?

Kudos to whomever wrote the joke!