Architectural Mailboxes (And Numbers!)

If you need a spreader plate to have multiple mailboxes on a post, then home depot sells them.

Do you have any spec on this mail box? dimensions, mounting, & material? Thanks.

This may be a dumb question, but how does mail get IN to the locked wall mailboxes? Is there a slot that I am not seeing, or does the postman need a key to deliver the mail?

There is a universal key that, yes, postpeople will have with them to open it.

The top flips up and there’s a slot to drop the mail through. You only use the key to get the mail out.

So these can be mounted to an existing post, right? Their website has their own “decorative” posts but I would hope mailbox mounting is somewhat standardized.

Can I mount it sideways on the left side, so the flag still works but its snug on a wall? I have a stoop and it would fit in my door space nicely but I don’t know if it would work.

if you are asking for dimensions on the Coronado they are 20.8"L x 10"W x 11.3"D, 22lbs.

material is powder coated galvanized steel for the body and cast brass accent pieces (flag, frame and knob) finished with metallic plating.

universal keys are for cluster boxes or vertical apartment boxes. The wall mounts have a mail slot and locked compartment where the homeowner would retrieve the mail. The Geneva post mount boxes have a hopper door and the homeowner retrieves the mail from the locked compartment with their key.

It is not always standard. Architectural Mailboxes’ post mount boxes have a 4 x 10 bolt hole pattern. If you have a 4x4 wooden post you can use an adapter plate to attach the mailbox. If you purchase another manufacturer’s post you want to make sure the bolt hole patterns will line up on the post and mailbox.

I only wish that what is considered “regular” mailbox posts/post covers in my area were available in this sale, like this one.

if i needed a mailbox where will the mailperson deliver it to??


Thank you woot and Architectural Mailboxes for this sale.

I’ll now be able to upgrade from my rotting wood post and smashed in mailbox of 18 years.

I ordered 2 mailboxes and 2 stands.

Today I received 4 stands and no mailboxes.

That’s a bummer! Have you already emailed Woot Support? If not, make sure to include your user name and order number. Woot Member Services can review any options you have.

I actually got in contact with architectural mailboxes through their Facebook website. They’re sending me two mailboxes as we speak and a call back order for the two extra posts, Free of charge. Luckily their warehouse is located very close to where I live, so Everything will be taken care of in the next couple of days. Their customer support is very good.

Great! I’m glad you’re getting taken care of. :slight_smile:

They’re definitely getting a customer for life.