Archos Gmini 402 20GB Camcorder/Personal Media Player


Yes. It actually prefers divx and xvid and comes with conversion software for divx


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$129.99 from Froogle

Did I search wrong or something? I didn’t see anything close to that on Froogle. Best I saw was $50 more than that, and it seemed like a lot of retailers had it for over $200 total. This appears to be a pretty good deal if this is something you’re in the market for.


30$ cheaper on froogle? wow


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It appears as though you did, or I’m searching for the wrong thing.

Go to Search for “Gmini 402”, with quotes. Sort by price, low to high. Page 5 for me. If you find it, let me know. If I’m searching for the wrong thing, definitely let me know.


n00b-w00tr here.

Thought I’d break in my wooting experience and buy one of these for the following reason:

Aside from my concern that the screen is a little small;

I bought a JVC HDD cam corder recently - it was 600 bucks and has a 20GB HDD. It has a .68 megapixel capability which is pretty grainy looking. I think the native res is something like 320x240 or something.

Here is a unit that claims to be 20gb - high MP, and its smaller (the JVC unit is the smallest cam corder I have had) than the JVC. I can record vids of my kid and play Music (I will never buy an iPod - just a personal choice) and watch movies…

so - first test of woot - and I hope to be pleased. Happy ThanksGiving.


This is the camcorder model.


Yep. None for me.


on c-net there looks to be a video review… not sure if it’s exactly the same one though:


How is the image stabilization on this thing? The mobiDV I bought here is pretty much useless b/c it has none.


2 Quality posts…probably because im so darn enthused about this product. I never see Archos advertisements, and I feel that if they were used as much on TV as Dells and iPods, we would have a totally different MP3 player market…Only show taht uses them is Las Vegas…The USB can slave an iPod nane, by the way…it was the first good use I ever found for a nano, add 4 gigs to my Archos!


What’s the difference? It’s the exact same unit picture as woot displays. Plus it says, “Music Player” and “Play video”. Then has a bunch of specs about video playback at the bottom.

Are they really different? And if so, how?


I didn’t even need one, and I pulled the trigger. Why? Cuz I’m shmoove like dat. Respect!

(Actually, I’m a gadget whore and I haven’t turned a trick in like four days)


Yep - the gmini 402 - claims to be the same…

THanks for the link


Server too busy to purchase?


So is the one on Froogle.
I just ordered it for $129.99 plus $9.90 shipping.

And thanks for the heads up on the better deal!


anyone who’s looking at this should get it
I have one
its PlayForSure Compliant
that means, DivX XivD avi, WMV, WMA, dmr included, MP3
ARCHOS has a patch to let you use iTunes if you want
it can play NES games too, that’s right NES games through emulator
also the original Doom
go to to get it
the Camera is great, don’t expect much from stills but Video is great for the price

(what up KermanJ)


This one has the camcorder for recording video. There is also a 402 w/o this ability, it is less money. cNet gas reviews on both.


Does anyone know if there’s a built-in flash or light? Looks VERY reasonable and very versitile!


yeah, I thought the one on froogle was the same as the one advertise on woot


The one on froogle claims to do both camcorder and video playback.

I’m almost positive that it’s the exact same unit that woot is selling. Did you look at the link on froogle? I’m not trying to be contrary. I honestly don’t see a difference.