Ardente Estate Winery Library Cab (3)

Ardente Estate Winery Library Cabernet 3-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $129.20*) 54% off List Price
1997 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley
2001 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley
2002 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley
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I have not had any of these wines, nor can I vouch for the quality here, but based on the combination of age/price/varietal/ava this should sell through rather quickly.

Who knows something about these other than whats on the stats page?

These are a find. iffy label, outstanding pedigree, well made.

I know that the 2004s have been selling at similar ($20) price points if one buys by the case from another retailer but this appears to have 3 fantastic years (I have heard inklings of '02 being under rated) and it has woot priced shipping. This does appear to be a true woot wine deal. I too say this will be a rapid sell out.

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I’m not buying wine, but this is the kind of deal you can’t “buy for the same price at the grocery store.” Nice deal, WD.

These labels look familiar. I think they were on the wtso sale?

i see that the winemaker for the 97’ was Philippe Melka, I have no idea who this is but I also noticed he is not listed on the other two vintages. Who made those? because spec wise the wines seem similar except the alcohol.

Cesare, you have a PM.

Had the 2001 Cab a couple weeks ago with dinner at the Fig Cafe. I didn’t take formal notes but I remember it going well with my meal of duck confit and lamb sausage. It still has a lot of fruit left and some secondary green characteristics poking through. I wouldn’t say it’s past peak, it is drinking rather well now; will probably continue to develop over the next 5 years. At this price, it is a definite buy!

Since someone else noted this winery was on another deal site recently and this offer is not a typical type of offer, it begs the question, is this winery liquidating or have they been purchased and the new owners are liquidating old inventory?

The 2003 was, I have also seen the 2004 up.

The 97 and 2001 vintages were absolutely fantastic and 02 was pretty damned good too. Other sites got the cast offs, WD found us the gold.

It is often said by mid level Bordeaux drinkers, buy the lesser houses in the best years rather than the big houses in off years. Take these as being a lesser winery in years where it would be difficult to make bad wine.

I agree with you on the labels being bad. They say the label design should not influence sales since its about whats inside. But its almost as if they are not trying to sell their wine with that design.

well put.

It appears the producer of these is Ardente and not Atlas Peak as some CT links indicate. This was verified by Cesare in a deleted post.

Inquiring minds want to know how to tell the difference between the 2001 & 2002? The labels appear to be missing the vintage that is on the 1997 bottle.

I’d rather not try to guess which is which!!! :wink:

FYI: Cleaned out some of the CT discussion that seems to be resolved (by request). Carry on.

I haven’t tried this wine yet. But a wine from the same ava, atlas peak, is on wtso with good ratings. I can only imagine it must have equally high ratings? If I can order them in the morning I’m in.

This wine does seem to be popping up a lot lately! I can’t speak for these vintages, but I had a bottle of the 2004 about a month ago, and was very happy with it. I think at it’s original price point, there is some stiff competition, but at 20/bottle, you can’t go wrong. Regarding the 04, CT reviewers commented there was a little bit of inconsistency, but if these are anything like the bottle I had, it’s a deal. In for one.