Arlo Pro Security System - Your Choice

Arlo Pro Security System - Your Choice

are these cameras compatible with wireless cell coverage as opposed to wifi?

Do you mean through an app?

If I buy the add-on camera, does it come with a charger for the battery? Also, is it compatible with my existing base station that has hardware version VMB3010r2 and firmware version

So, you have to take the cameras down every so often to charge them? Isnt that a pain?

I have a ring that every month or so, I have to take down and charge for several hours. Hate it (which means hours of non-coverage).

What if I WANT to hard wire?

Also, if I have a base station, why do I need the cloud?

Let me take a shot at some of these questions. I’ve got this system and have added cameras. (I’m at four cameras and thinking about adding another or two). These are not cellular compatible if you mean “camera talks to phone” - but with the free mobile app, I can watch all of the cameras from my iPhone. You do have to charge the batteries - but only about once a year with “normal” usage (if you watch lives streaming a lot, you will probably eat more battery). The units are easy to take down and you can charge the battery in the camera or remove it and charge it with an optional charger. (I am going to buy a charger and spare battery so when that time comes, I can just insert a charged battery, recharge the depleted battery, put that in the next camera, lather, rinse, repeat. Changing out the battery is a snap but the battery does take several hours to charge - it’s 2440 MaH or so - in other words, lots of stored power). I’m pretty happy, which is why I added cameras - I started with only one before “jumping in”. For what it’s worth, I have some euphy cameras and a simply safe camera - I like these better than the euphies and since I’ve mounted them outside, I don’t want them tied into my security system. No problems setting these up - and the app is good (and intuitive). I have these on a second home - no one can get close to it without being on video - which is nice since I’m not always there.