Arrow Garage Steel Cabinets

If you don’t make enough money for these boss cabinets, you might consider salvaged kitchen cabinets for your garage. I’ve done that twice now for under $100 each time.

Anyone find reviews for these cabinets? Are they sturdy and good quality?

Any ideas on how to install the wall cabinets?

Wall cabinets have holes in the back to mount using screws. Cabinets are very well made, you will not have issues. Greg from Arrow Spacemaker

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cabinets. talk about cabinets.

I’d consider them if the weight capacity wasn’t so low. A hundred pounds for a rolling cabinet? You’ll have to do better than that.

This is from another Woot Sale we did with theses garage products


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Just got my shipment today, (3 base, 3 hanging, 2 tall). It came on a large wooden pallet and was dropped off in my driveway when I got home. Haven’t unboxed all of them yet, but I have assembled one of the base cabinets. Took about 1 hour, quality seems very good. Everything was included, instructions were very clear, fit/finish is nice. People are worried about the weight rating, but unless you are stupid with it, they will hold everything you can fit. Put your bullion in your safe if that is what you are worried about! Planning to hang the hanging cabinets with a french cleat, should be a great setup in my garage.

You can search Woot to find this sale


Greg Arrow

the GBCD Base Storage Steel Cabinet seems to be .24 gauge steel. slight difference from .22 gauge.

I bought the single tall cabinet last time these came around - it was manageable to put together, but holy heck there were a lot of screws.

that being said, something is off with the door hinges - every third time I open it, one of them falls off - regardless of how many times I put the hinges back in the holes and make sure they are fully extended.

22Ga Steel huh? At under 30 thou, that’s mighty thin material.
1/32" is 0.031+.

Sorry, but make mine 16 or minimally 18Ga, and nearly double the thickness of these and no swaying in the breeze if freestanding and you don’t lag them to some studs.

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That’s cool, Greg, but what happens if/when a cabinet buckles because I put more than 100# of weight in/on it, then rolled it around my shop or garage? I’d be much more concerned about my garage, which has a much rougher floor. Will I have a fight on my hands warranty-wise? And would I have to pay to ship defective merchandise back to Arrow? I will definitely be asking it to take more than 100# from time to time, and I can guarantee you I won’t be concerned with “evenly distributing” weight…

It’s a hell of a price, though.