Arrow Sheds with Floor Kit - Your Choice

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Arrow Sheds with Floor Kit - Your Choice
Price: $499.99 - 679.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, May 04 to Thursday, May 07) + transit
Condition: New


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3/29/2015 - $519.99 - 689.9 - Click To See Discussion (7 comments)

Check out the product page for the Dallas and Milford

these were a recent woot item, same prices. We purchased one and are still in the process on constructing ours. please note kit does not include a floor just a floor kit (frame) we spent about another $125 on plywood and another $80 on cement blocks for ours as we wanted ours well above the flooding we get with hard rains. to see the recent listing go here and the discussion is a click from there. Folks are correct there are a million screws and the manufacturer suggests it is a two person construction job. delivery was super fast

I have one of these, and it is a quality shed for the money. Assembly is NOT for the faint of heart - you need two people and a good electric drill/driver for the hundreds of screws. We poured a slab for ours (not hard at all, concrete is cheap and you can rent a mixer), and sealed the floor gaps, and it is completely watertight. After 4 years, the roof panels are starting to lightly rust, but that is to be expected. Woot’s prices are amazing considering delivery, and I am thinking of upgrading to the Dallas.

With these prices, if you are considering a metal shed, BUY ONE.

I have an 8x10 metal Arrow shed that was purchased at Menards (midwest home improvement store) about 5 years ago ($300) and it’s still going strong. It does take 2 people about 5 or 6 hours to assemble and I also caulked the entire inside seams. As already mentioned, you will need to purchase the plywood for the floor, so add another $100-150 to the total cost. But I also suggest checking your local home improvement stores for similar sheds. Menards has a very similar unit for less:

A 12 volt impact driver is worth its weight in gold if you are putting one of these up. Much lighter and the impact action puts less stress on your wrist vs an 18 volt drill. Even though the instructions say you can, it would take a year to put this thing up with a screwdriver.

The only oddity about assembly was the nuts for the 8X10 are a goofball size (11/32) that you may not have (I only had a socket). 9mm works in a pinch. There were some I couldn’t get a socket or a crescent wrench on.

+1 on the goofball size nuts. Had to dig deep in the toolboxes to find that one.

My son and I put up a 8x6 version a couple years ago. It’s a decent shed. Much less work than the wood frame garden shed I’d been planning prior to it popping up on Woot!

No floor kit with mine, but I built a wood frame supported by posts in poured concrete footings. Then put a sheet of plastic over that. Then screwed down a floor of exterior plywood which I’d primed and painted with porch paint. Battleship Gray!

The key to success is a flat, level, and square floor. If you get that right, and get the shed square on it, then your doors will slide ok.

During the first winter mice decided to store some acorns inside my rototiller. Have no idea how they got the nuts inside. Mouse magic, I guess. Had a few extra rattles when I started it up.

Make sure that you have multiple people there when you have the shed delivered. I bought a shed when Woot had a similar deal last month. My experience with delivery was the shipper parked his semi in the middle of my street and I was responsible for getting it down off the truck and up my driveway.

for all the issues named in the above regarding a steel shed, do yourself a favor and get a vinyl shed. Maybe cost a little more, but there are NO screws, they dont dent or rust, I had one well over 10 years and maybe faded, but still watertight and strong. Also, it is possible to put up with one strong person, I did it myself and I’m no carpenter.

Are these sheds white or beige - most photos look white but then here is a beige one

Sorry, have to admit I shuddered after seeing this post. I bought an Arrow shed from Sears years ago and after assembling (2 competent people a full day) plus $100 in plywood, I said never again. Worked reasonably well for a few years as long as you don’t mind ducking your head every time you enter. Unless your short lol. Doors would bend and warp not sliding easily in tracks. This past winter after a rain. sleet,and snow event the metal doors froze solid in the metal tracks. I even broke out a Mapp torch to try to melt the ice. No dice…and no snow blower. Had to borrow a neighbors. Thank goodness I didn’t need to access my generator. Tore it down(6 hours of hard labor(2 people) including a sawzall for the wet moldy plywood floor(originally was set on crushed stone)…and this train wreck was finally over.