Asaro Imported Organic EVOO 750ml (2)

Asaro Imported Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml Tin 2-Pack
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Cold-pressed within hours of hand picking in October each year. So, this oil is 10 months old. I think for less than $20 each I can find fresh olive oil from California.

The bottle design reminds me of lawn fertilizer/weed killer or something like that… look at the tiny picture at the top of this page

fwiw olives in California are typically harvested October and November, so you really won’t be finding anything fresher from CA

(although it would be nice if we can get harvest date confirmed, it doesn’t really say here)

Well, olives are processed when ripe, which is in the fall, so not much you can do about that is there? I agree completely by the way. Oil is generally thought to be best if used within the year it was processed. If you use a fair amount regularly, then this may be OK.

Climate in Sicily is warmer than most of Italy, so these may have been processed even earlier than October.

Exactly my first impression, as well.

These olives are picked and processed before full maturity, giving them more polyphonels. This is where the deep flavor and complexity comes from. The oil is still great for 2 years from harvest. This is a great time for the oil b/c it has had some time to settle itself, making it very buttery and well rounded. California has great oil too, but nothing can compare to this blend of Sicilian olives picked at the perfect time. You won’t be disappointed!

This is an oil that the top restaurants in the Bay Area use. It is a real star - taste it next to California oils and you will get a great experience on the difference from Sicily to California - Just like fine wines, it’s all about the terroir!

This is Colin from Casa de Case, we are the same importers of the Cavedoni Botte Piccola. If you know the botte piccola - you will love this oil! They are a perfect combination together, now just go get some heirloom tomatoes and basil at your local market - and enjoy the best caprese salad you will ever have!!

If I didn’t already have some high-level olive oil, I would probably give these a shot. But I don’t use enough to justify a purchase at this time - I hope to see you here again some time!

If you read the Features tab:

This oil is:“Cold-pressed within hours of hand picking in October each year”

Assuming that is correct…

Honestly, the round tin provides the best protection for oil, insuring no oxygen or light gets in.

Sounds delicious. I’ll try some.

With all the talk these days about the integrity of extra virgin olive oil, I am surprised to see that there is no discussion of that here. This oil has great integrity. It comes only from a single organic farm in the Valle del Belice, the home of the famed Castelvetrano olive. Before curing, the proper name for this variety is Nocellara del Belice, and that is the prominent olive in this oil. Nocellara yields a very buttery and fruity oil. It is blended with some Cerasula which gives a bit of grassy and nutty flavor and a bit of Biancolila for extra sweetness. All these are grown on the same estate and all are farmed 100% organically. We have visited this estate and can vouch for the authenticity of this great oil.

H*ll to get old. Fell asleep before I pushed the button!


Walked into my local HomeGoods store today and this was on the shelf for $14.99. No harvest date, but a best buy date of 10/18. Picked up a couple. Importer on the can listed as
We shall see.