does this say anything in binary or is it gibberish?

Totally reminds me of when Bender had the code to go back in time. Great piece, I wonder if there is secretly a 2 hidden within the binary?

Take my monies!

In Binary is reads, artguyaaron is your ruler, bow before his mighty 1’s and 0’s.

Not an ASCII night, a binary night. And they cheated by using partial characters. Should have used real ASCII. I would have bought one then.

I want this on a tote

The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of those paint by number kits I used to get as a kid.

Good idea, bad execution. I’ll make my own with this:

Curious as to how well the colors will show up against the black shirt.


Awww, I was really hoping for Nyan Cat Starry Night! Now the derby is over :frowning:

Or the one here HERE

Read about the new rules for the derby. Some major changes. Only first place is picked by popular vote, the rest is delegated to us.

Edit: Ah, new rules aren’t in effect yet. I’m glad of the new rules! I can’t believe this shirt won. What are voters looking at… It’s just a matrix of 1’s and 0’s with black drawn in over it, not ASCII art at all. And neat ASCII versions of Starry Starry Night have been around a long, long time, so I can’t really praise the artist on being creative… only poorly executing an old idea…

No offense to the artist, of course, a win’s and win, and playing to the mass of tasteless voters is part of the game. (But no longer!) Congrats on the print.

Incidentally I thought this week’s Ramyb design was one of his best ever, and well worthy of a win. Hope to see an editor’s choice for it.

Now that artists in the community will be picking a winner, I’m confident that many more worthy shirts will win, and hopefully more quality designs will be entered.

Of course this is all wholly irrelevant to me until Shirt.Woot switches back to AA or another blank that isn’t completely awful, so I can buy shirts again…

Ah yea I saw that earlier. Quick question though: Did the rules go into place starting now? Because the 3 winners of this derby were also the 3 with the most votes. Was that just coincidence though?

New Derby rules go into effect next Derby (262, “Gold”). This was the third place shirt, by vote, in the last Derby (261, “Internet Through Art History.”

So no, not a coincidence.

Ahhh kk, thanks for the info!

Looks too busy for me
Plus it’s just a big square
It looks like someone made/copied a color pattern and just overlaid it on a bunch of numbers
All the cut off numbers really lowers the quality too
How did this get printed?

I would have bought this is if it was actual ascii art. This is just a van gogh painting with less coloring and a black/clear text overlay. You could have just plugged this into any of the hundreds of ascii art generators out there and gotten much more interesting and fantastic results. Even if you had cut down on the color count a bunch like you did in this one, it would have been so much better, and could have been called real ascii art.