Asus 10.1" 32GB Tablet with Keyboard

Lots of great reviews

4 Eggs from 100+ users

I’d call that a deal.

Lots of great reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) on the tablet only over at

Read (and watch) this “very good” review over at

I have this tablet and I love it. I’ve used it on trips to backup photos to a microSD card, watch movies on the plane, etc.

Out of the box it is a great tablet, but it gets a bit laggy at times.

When I bought mine, I bought the square trade warranty, unlocked it, and installed CleanROM Inheritance 3.x on it. It makes the tablet that much smoother.

The latest version is CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.x, but I haven’t had time to try it yet.

Newegg has this for $339 refurbished, but that is without the dock. The Keyboard Dock goes for over $120. So, this is a good price.

Yeah, crazy good deal. They sell for more than this (refurb) without the kb, and realize that the kb has a big aux battery and full sized sd socket, a good deal on its own @ over $140 or so.

Screen is magnificent, though not as over the top as the retina display on the ipad 3&4. A great tablet, my first foray out of iOS and into android and a GREAT first device. Some great apps later and I’m loving it @ half the price of a new ipad, and with TWO memory slots to add storage.

Great deal…

Just bought one… Hope it’s as good as reviews say :slight_smile:

The previous woot and woot-offs the last few months have sold the champagne color for $369.99 (so it’s $10 more for the more traditional darker gray at $379.99 tonight?)
174 comments on the last regular woot for the champagne color in April

That one doesn’t include the Keyboard Dock

Great piece of kit, amazing price… but why send me the info, take my address and payment detail and THEN tell me you don’t ship to the UK!!!
The system knows very well where I live, so why send me offers you know I can’t take advantage of?

Not a happy shopper :frowning:

Where is the deal? Retail Refurb Prices? Face it people, WOOT! is over. I can spend 300.00 on a new laptop at a big box store. Who cares the features on this? It’s still a REFURB and is outdated. They should be throwing these things to us. Not charging FULL RETAIL REFURBISHED prices. I am disgusted as I look through all the so called WOOT! deals.

You can spend 300$ on a sub par laptop with a celeron CPU that will under perform compared to this. Also I would like to see you post this refurb at a cheaper price?

Using one right now. Out of box, I was not a happy camper (browser was horrendously slow). If you get one, I recommend rooting and installing CROMI-Xenogenesis firmware. It makes a huge difference. And even if you don’t root, do not use task killer apps. Because of the heuristics used, they effectively turn your tablet into a turtle. I actuallly really like the tablet now that it has clean firmware. Good buy!

(another poster mentioned the firmware “Cleanrom Inheritance” – Cromi-X is the successor .)

It is not a replacement for a desktop, but a very solid Android tablet.

I am running Cromi-x 4.66 (latest) and this tablet really flies on it. Would buy this again in a heartbeat if I knew a 3rd party ROM could boost performance so much.

Love this tab.

Oh, sorry, thanks. Missed that. Corrected above.

This is a great deal. I wish I had the money to drop on this. I have a TF101 and love it but it’s getting a little long in the tooth. I was waiting till the Infinity prices got down to around what I paid for my 101 to make the jump. It appears that has happened.

You really have no idea what your talking about. Woot! has always had refurbished items. I’ve purchased many and never had a problem with any of them, others share my experience as well. You’re doing a lot of bitching but not providing any solutions to this problem. Where could I find this cheaper?

As for this tablet, I have a little earlier 16GB version with keyboard and it rocks. I paid about this price for it new (with keyboard) but it has half the space and I waited 6 hours in line in line at best buy on black friday :-/ I’m not sure which Android OS this will support but if you unlock it (mentioned above) you’ll bet even better performance.

We recently took it on vacation to watch netflix and look at maps and attractions to plan out our week. It’s fast, the screen looks great, it’s so easy to transfer data to and from a camera or phone (and I use an iPhone). The keyboard nearly doubles the battery. This is by far the best non iOS tablet I’ve used. My only compliant is that the charging cable is a little flimsy.