Asus 16GB MeMO Pad 7" Tablet

Asus 16GB MeMO Pad 7" Tablet
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Asus 16GB MeMO Pad 7" Tablet
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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11/29/2013 - $79.99 - 20 comment(s)
11/29/2013 - $79.99 - 20 comment(s)

What’s this? A secret tech.woot woot-off? There’s no flashing lights, no stock remaining bar, no other pizzazz… and yet there’s suddenly a different item than they had earlier today…


Very mysterious indeed!

Hisense Sero 7 Pro refurb. for $85 (Newegg) is a better deal I’d you want HDMI, front and rear camera, better resolution…

This isn’t even the MeMo HD, blahhh…

Did this just switch with no woot off lights…or is my menopause brain deceiving me?

Yeah, things are kinda flippy here. =\

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Very good review (4 out of 5 stars) over at


good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) over at

What is the difference between this and a first generation Nexus 7? Same maker… Looks like this has expandable memory, whereas the Nexus does not. Would the processors and screen be similar?

It looks like they’re hugely different. Screen resolution is only 1024x600, for one, and the processor is apparently single-core, as opposed to the quad-core in the Nexus 7. This tablet might have been competitive in the cheap-tablet range for the holidays in 2012-2013, but not this year :confused:

I have one, bought 4 months ago. Not a bad object, but unfortunately Asus decided not to upgrade Android — so you are stuck with a 4.1.1 system. This is the worst thing for me (and the lack of a rear camera), otherwise it could be a nice buy.

Bought a refurb Sero7 Pro on 1sale’s last push. The expandable SD slot alone is golden and the HDMI port is icing on the cake. And quad core vs this single core memo for nearly the same money? No contest, even at twice the memory.

That said, the rear camera is only good for absolutely still pictures due to shutter lag. I mean bad shutter lag. Maybe there will be software update to help it later, but it’s almost useless as a still camera atm.

What color is it? Would hate to end up with a pink one!

Looks like $94 to me:

Unless the person in the image has an extraordinarily large hand, this is not a 7" tablet. I have two 7" tablets (iPad & Nexus 7) and both are considerably larger than what’s shown. That’s 5" max.

Can anyone help a tablet noobie.

I am going on a trip abroad and basically want a tablet to do three things…

  1. To be able to watch stored movies on the micro SD.

  2. To be able to read and move photo from a SD card reader and store them on the tablet with a reader such as

  3. Edit those photos

Would this tablet get the job done on these three things without having to root it?

Bonus, can you upgrade the tablet to a newer version of android?


a decent tablet for people who have never had a tablet before. a Terrible table for people who know better. I can get around the speed and resolution. what i cant get around is the terrible colors and the VERY POOR viewing angles. You have to look at it dead on or you want see anything

These things aren’t too bad, we bought a few off Amazon for $109 a couple months back to mount on our forklifts and are using an XMPP client to turn these into instant messaging devices so we can communicate to the forklift drivers. Worked well, good WiFi which was important for our use, and it looked so nice it got stolen shortly after being deployed! Buying this one to replace it!