ASUS AC3100 WiFi Router (RT-AC3100)

ASUS AC3100 WiFi Router (RT-AC3100)

Not so sure how good a deal this is. I am in the market to upgrade my main router from an rt86-r. The mother ship appears to have these at $99. I will prolly buy from there instead. Wish this was a better price point here with Woot.

[MOD: You were looking at renewed. These are new which is $199.99 on Amazon.]

Keep in mind, double-check whether there are any important supported-protocol differences between your current and proposed-replacement router(s)… because depending on how many items you have in your environment which CONNECT to your router(s, old and new) you’re going to have to RECONFIGURE all of those items to the newer protocol (if pertinent). Worst case, some of those older items may not WORK with the new stuff (Wyze hardware comes to mind), and 'twill be much better to find that out before you get midstream… (been there, fairly bitter lesson well-learned). Ongoing data-capture (recording which item is compatible with what) is the least painful.

These are new. On Amazon it is $99 renewed, $199 new.

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