August Smart Lock Pro, 3rd Generation

August Smart Lock Pro, 3rd Generation

Please note the fine print in the specs tab: if you want to voice-control this or access it remotely, you will also need to buy the August Connect wifi bridge. With this specific model, there is also another alternative: z-wave. Wink and Smartthings are both listed on August’s site as compatible hubs, so if you already have one of those you won’t need to buy an August Connect to get remote functionality.

Also worth noting from personal experience: if you have thick weatherstripping, or if your door requires a little extra tension to engage your deadbolt, the August won’t be able to lock reliably. It can unlock a door that’s under tension, but it can’t apply much pressure when locking (it only has 4 AA’s worth of power, after all).

Having said all that, I love my 1st-generation one, and just this week upgraded to a newer model (though not the Pro, so I still spent less than this deal).

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Good point about the limited torque it can apply to the deadbolt. That’s a problem with most residential electronic deadbolt locks. The commercial ones use AC rather than batteries.

Is there a way to lock the door from the inside without any electronics? On the outside you can use a key.

Deleted question about color. The grey color is in the description.

Yes, to lock or unlock from the inside without electronics, you simply grab the body of the lock and turn it just like you would for the handle it replaces.