Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler

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Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Jan 13 to Wednesday, Jan 18) + transit
Condition: New


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Not a great price. Costco regularly has bottom-loading water coolers for less than this. Typically only with two temps - hot and cold - but much better priced. And the supposed list price for this advertised here? Ridiculous.

I agree that the “regular” price is outrageous! I have one that looks exactly like this; has 3 temps and a light. No child lock but don’t need one. I’m pretty sure I got mine from Amazon for less than this one.
I’ve had both types and the bottom loading dispensers are so much easier to use.
I recommend them; maybe just not this one.

I have these things called a “refridgerator” and a “kettle.”

While I agree that the supposed list price shown is utter BS, I don’t think I agree with the statement that Costco regularly sells them for a lot less…maybe a little bit less than this, but this does offer 3 temps which is nice and not everyone has a costco membership, so using them as comparison is not the best benchmark IMO.

Hi There!

See the link to the product reviews for the one sold @ Costco. Basically you get what you pay for…


I’m on the fence. I would like one for our vacation home, but I hate the ‘shipping window’ of a week. Oh well, not a good deal if it gets there early and someone steals it

^ First world problems are the real deal.

Can i put in a keg instead of water bottle and then just tun on the cold switch. That way there’s always cold beer. Or is that a bad idea?

It’s actually a great idea! Maybe well develop something like that :slight_smile:

first comment here :slight_smile:
I bought one of these about 8 months ago
Its worth every penny I love the thing.
Hot comes out piping hot
cold frosty
one thing I would note all 3 have different spigots on the thing great for filling pans…
dog dish I do cold and room so its not to cold.
dishes quick ( hot or cold and room temp at same time.)
I don’t have a dishwashed so I use the hot to clean “gunk” after it sits a couple mins saves me a lot of scrubbing and time
I have 0 complaints
o lol 1 tip if you get it use the seatbelts in your car, nothing worse than taking a corner and having 4 galons spill in your floor.

I got one from Sam’s cheaper. 3 settings and a light.