Bacon's Heir Pork Clouds Sampler (9)

Bacon’s Heir Pork Clouds Fried Pork Skins 9-Pack Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
Sale Price: $24.99 (Includes Shipping)
List Price: $34.00 (Includes Shipping)
Discount: 26% off List Price
(3) - Bacon’s Heir Rosemary & Sea Salt Pork Clouds, 2.0 oz. Bag
(3) - Bacon’s Heir Garlic Thyme Pork Clouds, 2.0 oz. Bag
(3) - Bacon’s Heir Habanero Pork Clouds, 2.0 oz. Bag

Bought an 18 ounce barrel of Utz pork rinds from Amazon for $6.50 last year. Had to add my own seasonings but not $20 worth.

These are available at World Market (Cost Plus) in case anyone just wants to try one bag. I actually had the habanero flavor in my basket, yesterday, but eventually took them out in favor of something else. These are smallish bags, btw.

Someone has to do the math & it may as well be me so 4 servings per bag x 350+ milligrams of sodium/serving = a 1400+ minimum of sodium/bag

Don’t even lie about how you are going to measure and eat 1 serving

I would rather get unsalted pork rinds and dip them in hummus/guac or something else… cheaper and possibly more interesting not to mention the sodium would be about the same… the sauce/dip would be salty. Tzatziki may be interesting?

So “pork clouds” are just flavored pork rinds? If you had asked me what a pork cloud was I would have though maybe someone figured out how to make cotton candy out of a pig! I’d give pig cotton candy a shot for $25 but not small bags of pork rinds.

Bought a gallon size zip lock bag of pork rinds in Branson. I think that cost about $6 and was very fresh and good. I have never seen anything on Woot Gourmet that I would pay the high costs for the product, certainly not pork rind.

Are these the microwavable bags that produce pork rinds, or just pork rinds packaged like chips?

I don’t understand why people always start comparing prices to the other/cheaper versions of the things for sale here.

It’s not the same quality product (theoretically).

“Theoretically.” You made your own point. These are pork rinds.

Go get some Epic flavored pork rinds at your local natural food store for quality product and better pricing. Bottom line? This is just not a deal, just as almost none of anything else offered on Gourmet Woot! is. And that’s the thing - this is supposed to be a deal site - it even says that up there at the top, not just another retail site. But Amazon has totally lost sight of that.

Back when Gourmet Woot was Wine Woot, I purchased all the time. Notice the black box. Woot really messed up on that decision. Just my opinion, but think I am not alone in wishing they had never made the change. My dollars go elsewhere now. Too bad, they had a really good thing going there. I agree that the prices on here are way out of line. So sad!!!

You can put lipstick on a pig…

It was not a decision of choice. Wine laws suck.

wine laws do suck. Gourmet comes with a hefty price tag, otherwise it isn’t gourmet… plus the mail-male or mail-female has to bring it to my door because I’m too lazy to go to the locally sourced box store to buy my vegan-organic-alternate sourced-small batch-supreme-hand picked-fru fru pork fluffs