Bacon's Heir Pork Panko (2)

Bacon’s Heir Pork Panko 1lb Bag 2-Pack
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(2) - Bacon’s Heir Pork Panko, 1lb Bag

Why can’t I just keep using a 99 cent 4oz bags of pork rinds from Aldi? That is fresher, and pretty easy to put into a ziplock to crush…


How do pork rinds as breadcrumbs hold up when deep frying? Do they shrink up or hold their shape/texture?

You were reading my mind. I do this all the time and I get some of the flavored pork skins and use it as panko. The salt and vinegar pork skins on some fried cod makes a great fish for the fish and chips.

I don’t know. Why can’t you? Do you have some sort of contract with Woot that when they offer an item for sale you are no longer allowed to purchase a competing product?

Me, myself, I didn’t know such a thing existed. Still not going to purchase, but Woot has enlightened me to a breading alternative.

If you are after “fresh”, have you tried microwave pork rinds? Pops up like popcorn and are even crisper than the stuff that’s been sitting on a store shelf for at least a week.

Although my personal favorite are the fresh made rinds from Dollywood. Unfortunately it takes a park ticket to gain access to them.

I’m on a no carb diet, and have been using pork rinds as breading for a while. They work surprisingly well. They stay crunchy and add a slight pork flavor, but not an overwhelming one. Thus far, I’ve used it on chicken cutlets, stuffed chicken breast, and eggplant.

I just keep reading “Heir” as “Hair” making me too disgusted to even consider buying. Because pig hair is not soft and fluffy.

Am I the only one who was scrolling down to answer the invisible poll (I haven’t seen a new one in a while), and had to stop and scroll back up, because my brain thought it said “Porno Pork”???

Thank Woot these pig skins are gluten free! I worry about those free range glutens.

Been running pork rinds through my food processor for years to use as breading. For the person who was wondering, I always have a problem deep-frying. They do not stick very well no matter what technique I use. I also use them as filling for meatloaf and such.The spicy/picante rinds are delicious on baked chicken livers. They come out nice crispy.

Wow, my heart hurts just reading this thread.

Butter that bacon.
Bacon up that sausage, boy!

When I GF fry for my wife, I usually use some Xantham gum to help crumbs and corn meal adhere. I wonder if that would work for the pork rinds.

Any case, I’m intrigued and will give this a try!