Bag o' Crap

VOP right now. Fingers crossed.

Got one. Yay.

Got one!

annoying af…twitter wouldn’t refresh after i received the tweet on my phone. had to grab my phone with bad internet access to try it…shame.

Good morning!

I’m stuck in the waiting room…

Got as far as the “place order” screen and still missed it!

My order goes through but gets immediately cancelled? Goodbye, Woot… one too many disappointments.

Amazon’s really losing it on the tech side this week.

I got cancelled. Thought after 5 years I was finally getting one. :frowning:

eta: er…seven years.

BOC, how I love thee. First one I was able to snag. Good luck everyone!

Last week I got lucky and won one of The Final Fukobukuro! LOL woot is editing the name!

they cancelled my order WTF not cool !!! T think woot/amazon need a BBB complaint for this stunt


DENIED: We ran out of Balloons of Celebrations before we even took your money so we denied your order to end the process.

CANCELLED: We ran out of of Balloons of Celebrations right further down the process and we had to cancel the order to reverse gears.

Snagged one of those too, out for delivery today. That’s why I wasn’t overly disappointed about not getting one of the limited edition craps.

It’s not 8 am yet!!!
ok, now it is

I woke up, lumbered over to my PC, checked my email, said, ‘Ooh, has amazon deals.’ Popped open a browser window right as the Bag o Crap was posted and managed to nab one. It’s gonna be a lucky day :slight_smile:

VoP… but then the hope of being sent to Checkout!

…and then, cancelled and VoP again…

Hey - at least it’s not Monday!

is the VOP a random selection or first come first serve?

I’ve seen more VOP’s than I can count without success!

Wrong. You did not run out of BOC’s, you just decided to parcel them out. By rights, the peoples orders that went through and then got cancelled should automatically get one when they go back up. Long time wooter. Done.