Bai Bubbles Waikiki Coconut, 24 Pack

Bai Bubbles Waikiki Coconut, 24 Pack

FYI if you’re ordering this, I received Coconut Lime flavour, not coconut. Not a problem for me, I actually prefer it, but just be aware you might not receive what you expect.

ETA: just noticed it should have been a 24 pack, and I received a 12 pack. Guess I need to contact support after all!

Blargh. Sorry. I alerted the team as well.

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Hello. It looks like I am in the same boat regarding Coconut vs. Coconut Lime.

Also, only half of my order was included in the shipment that arrived today. I ordered two of the 24-packs, but only received one.

I’ll contact support for more information.