Bamboo 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

Bamboo 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

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Depth of fitted sheet? Thread count?

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Hi there.

Depth of fitted sheet : 16 inches
Thread count : No thread count , these are a microfiber blend so it does not apply . Thread count only applies to cotton


Is there a GSM, grams per square meter, measurement on these sheets?

:joy: They’re $20 sheets. And the best $20 bamboo & microfiber blend sheets I’ve encountered. Especially because they don’t sleep too hot like normal microfiber sheets (non moisture wicking).

They’re not 100% bamboo nor tencel. But still a good deal for inexpensive sheets. I’m getting another set to add to the rotation.

Edit: I still don’t know the GSM, however they are thin (have yet to encounter microfiber that isn’t thin). That said, they wash well and are brushed and soft to the touch. Hope that helps.


I do like the full set I got. They are comfortable. But what is up with the way the pillowcases are stitched?

Hi there. Cotton sheets have thread counts. Microfiber, Rayon from Bamboo, and others do not.

I ordered King :prince: in sage and aqua.
The sage which looks green in the pictures looks like beige in real life.
Both are soft. They passed my husband’s feel test.
So, I just ordered another King in aqua.
I think this is a great deal because it contains 4 king :prince: pillowcases.


I had the opposite experience. 60% microfiber sheets may as well be 100% to me. They make me overheat in no time.

I was so excited to see bamboo sheets! Unfortunately once you add the microfiber to the mix they are not as healthy any more. When you sleep on man made materials you generate positive ions, those are bad for you. When you sleep on plant made, natural fibers, bamboo, cotton, linen, etc, you are rolling in negative ions, those are good.

It’s a good deal really if you need sheets more than you need negative ions. :).

I got these a few months ago. They are super soft and I love them. Ordering another pair!

These are comparable to the mid-priced sheets at WalMart. Decently soft, but ultimately so thin you can see through them, and a perfect example of getting what you pay for. I’ll be trying to give them to family or friends. My go to sheets are Northern Nights, sold on the QVC website, but they’ve been out of the thickest “Wrinkle Defense” style in a dark gray, so I thought I’d try these. I regret it. For ~$90, the Northern Nights sheets are very thick and wonderfully soft, and last for literally a decade. Worth the money! (Unlike these.)