BAND-AID Disney 20-Count – 6-Pack



too bad shipping kinda kills the awesomeness


Go buy something else and the shipping is free. :tongue:


Got three of these last time. Great deal for anyone with a plethora of clumsy offspring.


Ahh. Piglet? I do believe that I am going to need a Band-Aid.


I don’t have any small children but I have a few very young nieces and nephews and this may be just what I need to have them like me! In for three.


OK,I just bought a medium coffee and a plain donut, so free shipping here I come!


What’s next? Trojins?


$3.99 for 6 pack today

$9.99 for 6 pack last woot-off:

$9.99 for 12 pack before that:

then $4.99 for 6 pack before that:

and I’m pulling the video out again:
quick break for memories:


Are these refurbished?


wootbot wrote:

“I need your help, Barry Manilow” :wink: (name THAT writer!)


Save your kids from future problems and stick with non-latex bandaids. These will do in a pinch, but shouldn’t be your go-to.


I don’t have any children, but I, uh, I just…hey! Don’t judge.


Safety! :slight_smile:


IN for 2 because as PP mentioned, this is the cheapest they have been advertised, I thought 4.99 wasn’t bad but glad I didn’t jump on it when it was advertised at 4.99. With 2 and $5 shipping, I’m getting them at a $1.00/box, not bad… I wonder what they are at costco


Why is that? I thought latex was only an issue if you had an allergy?


When my kids were young they loved having a band-aid whether they needed one or not. Went through a lot of band-aids before I found a good enough hiding place. One Christmas I put a box of cartoon printed ones in each of their stockings and they loved it.


It is pretty cool !