Baofeng UV-5RX3 Tri-Band Radio w/ Earpiece

Baofeng UV-5RX3 Tri-Band Radio w/ Earpiece

Aren’t these illegal to sell as of September 2019 ? Or are these an updated version that don’t have as much access ?

The FCC has repeatedly stated the radios themselves are not illegal/banned. Woot did not list GMRS or FRS capabilities, so it’s not “being sold” as a radio that is licensed for those bands. That’s where the issue arises.

If woot claimed "Buy this radio and talk on any amateur bands and/or on GMRS/FRS bands!! <- That would be the crime.

Other HAMs have gotten that info directly from the FCC as well:

"Noji, KN0JI, posted the text of an email exchange that he had with Scott Stone, Deputy Chief, Mobility Division of the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. Noji asked,

Does Part 95. 591 mean that all Baofeng UV-5R and UV-92 radios (which can transmit [on] FRS and GMRS frequencies) will become illegal to buy or sell in the U.S. after September 2019, even for amateur use?

To which, Stone replied,

No. Those devices to not have Part 95 certification, so they are not authorized for use in FRS or GMRS. i.e. they are not capable of operating under this subpart. They can be used by amateurs, but only on amateur frequencies."

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Sorry for my newsiness, isn’t GMRS and FRS the bands the older walkie talkies used that had a longer range? I have an old set that has those letters on them that work for over 20 miies. But I bought them many years ago. I’m not a Ham radio operator but I am curious about learning.