Barnes & Noble NOOK 3G + WiFi eReader

Review @ CNET

is this proof woot isn’t sellouts to amazon

No Color screen?


I have one and I love it. Best dedicated eReader on the market.

Better than the Kindle (sorry Amazon overlords!)

So close. I want a Nook Color so I can hack it into an Andriod Tablet.

$109, w/free shipping. Not such a deal.


ETA: This is not the 3G version, only WiFi.

Product website

Nooks: Effectively saving trees since 2009.

And for you anti-electricity, purist folk…No Electricity Required!

Whaaa? Don’t tell Amazon.

yes there is one. at the bottom

Someone PLEASE tell me if this renders PDFs well? I was going to buy an iPad to read PDFs on but for the price…

Which nook is right for you?… also 199 new at B & N

Barnes & Noble NOOK 3G + WiFi eReader
$99.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Refurbished
PRODUCT: 1 Barnes & Noble NOOK 3G+WiFi eReader, 16 Level B&W E Ink Display & Color Touchscreen

How does this stack up against the Kindle?

Have one and like it. Got it for 79 though on ebay via B&N, but without 3g

The one on woot has 3G.

so do you buy books from Barnes and Noble?