Batter of Cheese

@ThunderThighs any ideas how many BOC’s there were?

Actually most of the items I’ve bought off here lately haven’t been as described or just are not working as expectations led me to believe. That Sothie Soth well the hair was a chocking hazard, the mesquito bug catcher practically free yet it doesn’t work. List goes on and on. Boots well they look like they are years old and leather is cracking.

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We never tell. :slight_smile:

27 minutes in the VOP. I give up. :sob:

Oh not to mention the CS team are pure dishonest telling me the reshipment will be retail packaged…nope and sometimes don’t even respond back to my emails.

I’ve done that before too, which is why I backed out and retried. But I was in really quick the first time and should have waited.

You’re buying the wrong things. Or cust service secretly hates you. I’ve been happy with my recent orders. I got a lot of shirts, more of those bamboo blend sheets, the WTF laptop bag, love the weighted blanket (but it’s not really safe for small kids), I got the salad slicer for my mom, batteries, a hand mixer and too much other stuff that I can’t remember. The only thing that I wasn’t happy about were the masks with the wrong ear loops.

Got one thanks woot. VOP just kept hitting refresh till got through. And now my estimated delivery date is my birthday. Couldn’t ask for a crappier birthday gift.

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I got the “Check Out” – “Sorry Sold Out” combo after about 10 mins in the VOP watching the pretty gears spin. YMMV of course.

Finally got one!

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How long are we supposed to wait in the Vestibule of Patience? when I clicked buy, it still showed 3% remaining but it kicked me in here and I’ve been waiting since then. This normal? I’m fine with waiting for a batter of cheese, but if it’s going to stay on this screen all day, I have things to do. Peace!

7-8 minutes is more than enough. It’s supposed to kick you out but it gets lazy sometimes.

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Boo POS BOC I waited 45 mins in the vestibule through the app - I then refreshed and went to my cart but it said the BoC was removed and I couldn’t buy it!!! Boo boo boo

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Yeah. I think the VoP may stay viable for a long time. Earlier today I was in the VoP on my desktop and gave up but left the window open in the background. Came back to my browser ages later and it was sitting at the checkout. Of course telling me my cart items had sold out. :woman_shrugging:

Has anyone gotten an email congratulating them for their purchase? Because I did, and I was wondering if that’s standard procedure these days, or if that means I might be getting something special.

I got an email, was wondering the same

I got an email too



Or anytime at

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We must all be special I got one too :fist_right::fist_left:

I got notification to anticipate disappointment as it is getting ready to ship. This is my 2nd BOC, the last was about a year ago.