Batter of Cheese

Batter of Cheese


Dang! VOP again!

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This BoC better feature cheese products.

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Got one! Yay!

Better name for a BOC than that last one. Thanks Woot Gods.



Stuck in VOP… am I not worthy today?


VOP is an order queue that keeps our servers from crashing. A small number of orders go straight through and the rest will go into the queue to wait their turn.

It is possible to come out of the VOP and get a BOC. Do not exit to restart because that puts you at the end of the line.

If the VOP doesn’t kick you out after about 7-8 minutes, you should go ahead and exit.


VOP room party

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I would’ve got one and got the 30 day restriction.

This is a bummer bc these offer the birthday prizes over the normal BoCs from the last event.

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Got one… It’s been awhile.

Stop watching me leave my computer!


VOP is the most misnamed page ever.

VOP (Shake Fist)

Huh. I always thought that VOP was a near guaranteed “You missed it”. I didn’t know that there is a small chance. Thanks!

On my way to get the turntable featured as “up next,” I stumbled into this one. Yay! Happy Birthday, Woot!

Got one! Missed out on the birthday BOCs last year

Came out on the other side of VOP with success! :smile: