Batter of Cheese

Got one!!! Had to log in too. No VOP straight through. C’mon Woot! I feel like I didn’t earn my stripes this time!

Got this one. The app being fast is no joke

yahhhhhsssssssssss! got one from the VOP!!! that’s never happened before. i listened to TT and stayed put and hoped and hoped and hoped and…wahoooo!!!

Vestuhhh. whatever it was for a few minutes then landed one. First ever. Cherry popped. Blush face.

VOP’d and got one woo hoo

I will tell you it is possible to get out of the VOP. Waited for about 2 minutes and was able to buy.

Now I can go back to my boring life…

Survived VOP and got one!



Woot!!! Got one !!!

Neat! Was in the VoP from the get go and waited a minute before I was able to get one. Woohoo!

…>>>>Why did i just click on that???>>>>>

Survived the VOP - came out to “buy now” … only to be told I have to login. DOH! I thought I was already refreshed.

Login. Sold out. DOH!

Check email and Woot account. Order placed?!?!


Amazon owns Woot and runs the most recognized and robust cloud-based service in the world, and BOC queues might crash your servers?

I survived the VOP and scored a BOC!! WOOOOOT

Feels nice not to be stressed out over the VOP. It’s going to be a great day!

Not feeling very patient regardless of the vestibule!

Clearly you don’t understand how BOCs work.

I think I’ve probably gotten at least 10 bags coming out of the VOP. It’s a good design. It works.

VoP of dispair - Yanked from my cart.
but this is why dissapointment is so fun.

VOP functionality should be on a need to know basis. Why don’t we keep it our little secret?