Battery Tender 12-Volt Battery Charger

Battery Tender 12-Volt Battery Charger
Price: $69.99
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Battery Tender 12-Volt Battery Charger
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
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Condition: New


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$94.72 on with five reviews, four of them five-stars and one four star.

This is a good brand. I have one of their “Junior” charger/maintainers and it’s excellent. A lot of “car guys” swear by this brand too.

I have had several of the “Battery Tender Plus” units for years. This past week I hooked my lawn tractor up to one. Before I left my winter home, hooked my garaged car up to another, as it won’t get any use for about a month. These devices are must haves for motor cyclists who because of cold/inclement weather, must take their wheels off the road for months on end. In fact, this is how I first became aware of the device. The best part about them is the fact you can leave your battery hooked up indefinitely, without fear of overcharging or boiling your battery dry. The units I have come with “pig tails” that you can permanently mount to your battery. This facilitates hook-up to the device. You can also use the typical battery clamp that comes with the charger.

This is a well respected brand and offered at a good price. You might look at CTEK battery tenders if you want something smaller and lighter in the same price range. Amazon sells those too.

This is probably a good battery maintainer. I’m in for one. However, if your car battery has been discharged to the point of not starting your car, this is not what you want. It will take a loooong time. That’s because its 12 volt output is lower than your car’s normal battery charge of around 14 volts. The charging current will decrease as the battery becomes charged. That is great for avoiding over-charging, but not if you are in a hurry.

Monitor one of these working with a multimeter. They put out up to 14v if not higher when in charge mode. They maintain right around 13v. Plus it’s max. output is 5amps. It’s not quite as high as some quick chargers you can buy at an auto parts store, but it’s still much higher than a trickle charger which is usually .75 to 1 amp.

Battery Tender is a quality brand. I have a plus model and one of these for motorcycle and car batteries, and they do a great job of keeping a good float charge to extend the life of a battery that might not be used daily.

So is this designed to be mounted in an engine compartment and connected permanently to the battery if you decide to go that route? It looks that way. Then you can plug into a 110 outlet for a trickle charge. Very nice if you have battery started lawn tools or a garaged car that doesn’t get much use.

Not the tender itself, but the battery leads can be easily. They have ring terminal leads with 2 pole SAE plugs that have little weatherproof boots on them that can be left on the battery and then plugged in to the tender in a garage when needed. Motorcyclists pretty regularly make use of that to keep from having to remove their seat or wherever the battery may sit on their bikes, which usually makes it pretty easy to just drive into a garage, plug in the tender, and walk away.

I don’t know about this brand, specifically, but I have another stand-alone battery jumper, and it saved my bacon last week when my car would not start in sub 20-degree weather. Everyone should carry one of these IMO.

FWIW, my version (Energizer branded) also has a flashlight, air compressor and AC/DC ports for powering and charging other devices. Really handy.

Just a heads up, this isn’t a battery jumper. It’s a charger/maintainer.

I’ve been looking for a high quality charger/tender at the right price for the batteries for our generator (12 volt garden tractor size batt) and camping solar panel setup (12 volt golf cart size).

Am I wrong to hope for some cool smart tech, including at an minimum, a digital voltage display?

Definitely not for engine compartment mounting because it is not waterproof. I use their Junior model for my motorcycle with the ring harness always attached. I’m getting this one for my car so I can fully charge overnight.

If you’re looking for a batter tender you can mount permanently, check out their Waterproof 800 model. I have a couple of them in the garage and they’ve been running great for years.

FYI though, this is an 800ma model, so you’re looking at a maintainer only.

This is really only a good deal if you need to switch between 120/240v, hence the “International” naming of this model. Otherwise, you can save yourself $22 and simply get the Battery Tender Plus for $48 (free shipping with Amazon Prime)

That item is a 1.25 amp battery “maintainer”. The Woot item is 5 amp charger. You’re comparing apples and… well… smaller apples.

If you have any deep cycle 12v batteries a charger/maintainer like this is indispensable. They are “smart” chargers and work in three stages, ending in a float charg that gradually tops the battery off to maximum voltage. If nothing else it is comforting knowing that your charger is monitoring your battery and giving it what it needs rather than just blasting it with volts until it can’t take it anymore.
I’m bummed because I grabbed a 2amp battery tender junior on Amazon this summer. Love it but it is slow. For my purposes I rarely need a quick turnaround on my deep cycle so it doesn’t make much sense to upgrade. So tempting anyway. Good deal IMHO.