BBC Life 4-DVD Set

really??? Oprah???

Shouldn’t she be narrating a book club or diet plan?

Nature Documentary = Morgan Freeman

I can’t disagree, but I believe that David Attenborough, the original narrator of this BBC series, can’t be topped, even by Morgan Freeman (an otherwise favorite narrator of mine). If you have the NetFlix Watch Instantly/streaming service, the original-- and correctly narrated-- series is available to watch for free, as well as a series of ten 10-minute shorts on the filming of the original episodes. All highly recommended.

This is not to say that the Woot-offered DVD isn’t worth getting. If the dubbed narration becomes too annoying, you can turn the sound down and just enjoy the fascinating and absolutely spectacular cinematography.

I wonder if the Attenborough version of this DVD set has the option to be played without narration. It’d be a feature that nobody was clamoring for, but so was an Oprah version.

We bought the Attenborough version of this a long time ago - well worth it.