Bear Grylls Coast Survival Kit

Not drinking any pee!

like it

So not worth $250, let alone $925. Bring back the Yukon outfitters packs and kits please… that was worth the money.

Agree. Looks like someone just grab a bunch of stuff off the shelf in desperation. None of this stuff has “survival” written on it much less just typical “camping” gear. I really hope this isn’t something Bear put together @ 3am on his way back from a new years party.

A survival kit with a 13.5 pound cotton faced sleeping bag?

I don’t post much, but this is NOT a good deal. Also, do not buy this with any expectation of backpacking with that sleeping back or flashlight. I mean…the flashlight weighs as much as your ideal sleeping bag. Also, that MSRP is a shameful joke that I would LOVE to see itemized.

This is not a survival kit. Many essentials are not included and the gear that is included is pretty abysmal.

If you bought all of these separately on Amazon, it would come out to just over $300. However, the only useful item (in a survival sense) in this bundle is the backpack. It also happens to be the only item endorsed by Bear Grylls. Whether or not that’s important is entirely up to you, but it’s a little deceitful to call this a Bear Grylls survival kit.

Yukon Outfitters makes the best man purses that woot sells. Thin material, light weight and super cute!

Agreed, this is not a good deal, nor is it a survival kit. Hikers and survivalists have a motto: “Cotton Kills”. If you want to pay silly money to sport the Bear Grylls name, go ahead, but there are less expensive ways to do that.

POS, literally do better throwing darts at any random outdoor deal items till you hit this dollar amount. Survival kit for nap time…

WOOT is just out and out lying about the MSRP of this package! I sure hope nobody buys this, you can do so much better for the money. WOOT should be ashamed, but then again we all know they have no shame.

agreed. He has an entire line of products, none of which these are other than the pack. Bunch of left over crap…