Beats Headphones

Monster headphones, They are OK!

Look for this price, these are great. At full price, they are fine.
I worked for geek squad for a time, and every headphone that you can buy would break over time. I personally have had great luck with the power beats and the Monster Turbines, I have used for over 5 years with no issues.

Sure they are not $400 high end headphones, but those really are not worth it. Dont blow too much on in-ear, they are never THAT great. BUt these have been solid in my experience.

Try adding HTC to your search if you’re seriously that skeptical about Woot. These appear to be overstock of the urBeats that came with HTC phones.

Saw these earlier and was considering buying them. However, I also noticed that there was no listing for a frequency response so I thought I would wait.

Then, this afternoon I went a Marshall’s store and found some Sony MDR-EX10LP stereo in ear headphones with three different size silicone earbuds for a comfortable fit.

The frequency response is listed as 8 - 22,000 Hz. Marshall’s had them for $9.99 (original retail price: $19.99). So I bought two pair. They sound pretty darn good to me.

Sorry, Woot, but Marshalls beats you on this deal.

Are the Powerbeats in bulk packaging too like the UR beats? It does not say in the description and want to make sure it is in retail packaging.

Wow, spoken like a non-audiophile for sure. First of all, Beats are, at full retail, horribly overpriced nonsense (kinda like geek squad IMHO…no offense). They have decent sound and alright build quality…but I’ve gotten superior sound from a wide variety of buds by other non-celebrity endorsed brands like klipsch, ajays etc.

400 dollar headphones generally last longer than the 12 months and 2 days you’re likely to get from beats.

It’s all about what you’d rather do - personally I’d rather buy one really kickass pair of noise cancelling cans, then rebuying the same hunk of junk buds every year. If I were looking for buds in the 150 range, I’d check out the jaybird bluebirds myself - I found the sound to be superior and the added bonus of being bluetooth is nice as well.

As far as cans go, the beats over the ear jobbies aren’t bad, but again at retail they’re priced awfully high when you consider the studios are around 280 or so, when for a few sheckles more you can get a nice set of bose quietcomfort 15s (granted, they’re more about noise cancelling than about sound quality…but of the noise cancellers I’ve tried, they seem to do pretty well with music as well).

If you just want kickass sound and like buds (and cost isn’t an object) check out the westone 4R. While it pisses me off to agree with Forbes, they’re probably the best sounding buds I’ve used in the last year or two.

Two main issues with these celebrity endorsed headphones: Overwhelming bass that masks the already mediocre midst and highs, and lack of depth and separation among instruments and vocals.

If you mostly listen to hip hop, this will be just fine. But if your musical interest extend into classical, electronica, and rock, then these would sound disappointing.

Yes. +this. Very well said! As someone who listens to a lot of rock and jazz that was EXACTLY the issue. It made what, I suppose, are a good set of “hiphop” cans sound like absolute garbage headphones.

Well said!

Planning on returning them someplace for store credit are we? LOL

They are all bulk packaged, not retail. That usually means a bag.

That picture warrants a caption contest.

I have to ask, if they “ALWAYS” break inside of 3 months, why would you continue purchasing them? Once, or twice, maybe, but 10 pairs in 4-5 years?

This, This and More This!

they are under warranty “so generally they are replaced for free”. i think cutting out on at least one side is just the case for all in-ear headphones. i’ve never had one last more than a couple months.

i have shure earphones that i have had replaced probably 8 times in the past 2 years. annoying, but at least it’s free.

let me be the first to tell you that headphones are not edible nor should you be attempting to tow cars out of a ditch with them…

You have to be abnormally rough on headphones with a IDGAF attitude.

has anyone else been denied the power beats? I tried yesterday, denied. sent in issue to support, and they say its sold out.

Sorry to hear that you’re encountering problems ordering.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your inquiry along to Woot Member Services.

Thank you for your continued patience while they attend to the issue.

Your vendor is either selling fakes or you have the wrong product listing/pics. Please watch this video of the difference.

Please tell us what we are buying/bought.

As a poster above said the pictured headphones were packaged with Htc phones a couple years back. The video below is what you have pictured. These ARE NOT a deal if you are selling us the mobile phone headphones from 2 years ago. Get your vendor to clarify or you are going to hear a lot of crap and negative comments when these arrive at doorsteps.

Called it

I have to admit, this has me a bit concerned. :confused: