Beats Headphones

Product listing says urBeats headphones but photos are showing the iBeats model…which one is it?

Beats me.

I’m looking at the Powerbeats and the spec says, “Powerful bass and high volume without distortion”. What kind of spec is that? That is marketing speak. I want frequency listing for the “Powerful bass”. Are we talking 15 hz or 150 hz?

Beats & “Dr. Dre” just import rebadged stuff from China. No one at the company knows anything about total harmonic distortion, frequency response, etc. Ask anyone there to define a decibel.

are these legit?

whats the return policy?

haha good one

Well Played

I’d like to know this too. Either way you’re getting a deal, but the urBeats tend to perform better for longer.

We contacted our vendor. We are selling urBeats and the photos are correct. iBeats have a different MIC shape.

Beats isn’t known for giving good specs. That’s all we have.


The Return Policy is in our FAQ.

This looks like one to pass.

Sorry, but nothing in the picture matches up to any other picture of the urBeats I’ve ever seen. From the cable, casing, and color scheme…it’s all wrong.

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A friend bought one for my kid. 1 month the left side went out. Called Beatsbydre and they said Woot is NOT an authorized dealer so the 1 year warranty will not hold!!!

These are definitely legit, try writing into for help, they may have better contact info or a better solution for you.

The casing, color, cables are all from the urBeats that HTC included with phones like the One before they stopped including them.

I’m in for one, but concerned that the track controls won’t work with my iPhone at this point, since that was an issue with the urBeats included with the One originally – the track control only worked on Android phones.

Seriously? A quick Google image search (or going to the Beats website) shows that urBeats don’t look like this. Neither do iBeats. This mic design doesn’t appear to be present on any legitimate Beats By Dre product.

Just a forewarning to anyone looking to by urbeats. I have had beats since they they came out, starting with the ibeats and then the urbeats when they stopped selling the ibeats. The left side ALWAYS goes out. I have had roughly 10 pairs in the last 4-5 years.My last pair of UrBeats lasted 3 months, and I was gentle with them. Granted they have a 1 year manufacturer warranty so generally they are replaced for free, or I use the 2 year warranty i re-up for a minimal fee from the store. But if the warranty for these are only 90 days you might be stuck with a dead left earphone and no way to replace it. Great headphones, minus breaking within a two years every time.

I have owned the powerbeats. They are more then decent headphones compared to all the earbuds I’ve had. I think that the original price(149.00) which is what I paid was way too overpriced, because your paying for the name. The volume and mic control toggle was cheaply made to say the least. The sound is solid as well as the bass. With that said I have bought some bose earbuds and although they completely isolate sound, the “beats” I feel, sounded better. Soo…for $59.00 I re-bought these.
Beats are overrated, hands down, but the price is right. As for the urbeats, i haven’t heard good things about them, especially that they fall out.
If you buy these, I highly recommend picking up a warranty from square trade for an additional 9.99 because you’ll probably end up sending em back at least once.