Beehive Cheese Company

Love, love, love the Beehive cheeses and get some every time its offered. It lasts forever in my fridge and the one pound size is perfect, any smaller and I wouldn’t share…

I’m totally psyched. I love the beehive cheeses. Thank you!!

When will this ship? When can I expect delivery in South Florida?

My favorite cheese company of all time. However, I’d like to choose the 2. Since all duos are the same price, couldn’t we do the drop down thing - pick two for $29.99? Although they are all good, I have my favorites and some I’d rather give away. I would probably order 4 if I could hand pick.

It looks like it should ship within a week or two, and often our wineries/vendors will include expedited shipping on foodstuffs like cheese, so I can assure you the actual shipping will probably take 3 days, max.

As with any food/wine that you get from us, if you get it in and have any doubts about its edibility, feel free to email in, we’d be happy to replace!

Nah slightly more. 16 oz per pound so closer to $20 per. The combo makes it better as long as you want two pounds.

Coming from Utah and using Beehive in their. name which is a religious symbol there…then rubbing thir cheeses with espresso and tea is interesting considering their history and heritage.

I think the reason they’re all priced at $30 is because each combo is one cheese that retails for ~$19/lb and one that retails for ~$22/lb paired together. If you got to choose any two the savings might not come out in their favor.

Holidays are upon us…in for a couple of packs of Buzzed :slight_smile:

Trader Joe’s has Barely Buzzed for $10.99/lb. The woman at the cheese counter told me they are going to stock it year round if it continues to sell well. They didn’t have Seahive.

I was beginning to wonder when and if my cheese will arrive.
I just checked the tracking info. Good news, it should arrive on Monday Nov 18th. Bad news, Fed Ex picked it up in Utah on Tuesday. Doubt the extra two days over the weekend sitting in a Fed Ex facility will improve the taste or shelf life.