Beehive Cheese Company

Beehive Cheese Company

Barely Buzzed and Sea Hive
$29.99 $45.00 33% off List Price

TeaHive and Promontory
$29.99 $45.00 33% off List Price

Apple Walnut Smoked and Smoked Habanero
$29.99 $45.00 33% off List Price

Big John’s Cajun and Uintah Jack
$29.99 $45.00 33% off List Price

The Promontory reminds me a lot of Dubliner, but w/o the little crunchy flecks. I took this to a baby shower last month and it was big hit w/ young and old. One girl’s parents were shocked b/c she’s a picky eater but went back for more Promontory.
A+++, would inhale again!

Beehive. Drool.

We use the Seahive, Teahive, and Barely Buzzed at the restaurant I work at for meat and cheese boards. They’re all really tasty. :slight_smile:

yup and some of us just may come to visit, if we knew just where you work. Make the shameless plug. These are some tasty nibbles.

Forgive me for asking, but I am no cheese ‘expert’. Are these cheeses the kinds that you are supposed to eat the rinds along with the cheese itself? Or do you trim it off like a waxed rind type of cheese?
Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the cheeses are hand rubbed, and the rinds impart the various flavors into the cheeses, I’m just not sure if your supposed go ahead and eat the rind too, or just trim it off before you eat the cheese. Thanks for any answers in advance.

There is no rind, just the rub. No trimming required.

I know these are a good deal, but I really wish they were pair in groups of 4 half pound wedges instead of 2 1 pound wedges, and were just a bit cheaper. Just hard to justify for me, no matter how good they are, when I get a lot of good cheeses locally for half the price.

I never got around to eating the Teahive before I moved, so it ended up getting tossed (sad face), but the Promontory made some amazing grilled cheese sandwiches.

According to the manufacturers site, you could get these for about $42 not $45. I don’t know where you got your msrp from but they aren’t selling them for $45. It’s more like a 29% savings. Even less since they offer free shipping over $100.

I’m not saying this isn’t a good deal, but won’t should actually spend the two minutes it takes to verify the product prices they post or not post them.



Was contemplating for gifts, but decided not enough variety for a bit too much money.

How long will these keep? Can I freeze them? 2 pounds of cheese is a lot…

Hi Sam!

I recommend that you do not freeze the cheese. Freezing it will mess with the texture once defrosted. The cheese will last up to 3 months in the original packaging.

Happy noshing,

Katie - Beehive Cheese

this. if i could get four half pound blocks of barely buzzed, seahive, teahive, and big john, i’d probably have instabought.

I got the Barely Buzzed and the Sea Hive last time and both were excellent. The Barely Buzzed was scrumptious in that when melted, it had a meaty taste.

On a deal related note, I just came back from Trader Joe’s, and they are selling their own label of a “Barely Buzzed” cheese also with espresso and lavender. They sold it in 4 oz blocks for either 4.99 or 5.99…if I remember correctly. If memory serves me right, that would be a better price if you just want that flavor.

Thanks for the reply! 3 months seems like a long time. I really like the Barely Buzzed and bought it every time I saw it at my local Whole Foods. Starting about two years ago, they stopped carrying it saying that there were issues with mold during transit. Never pulled the trigger on Beehive deals on Woot until today because of that, but I really needed my fix!

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I love this stuff. Get me two pounds every time it is on here. I was at Trader Joes yesterday and looks like they carry the Barely Buzzed. Couldn’t tell if it was Beehive’s or just another Trader Joe’s clone.


I’m sorry to hear that. I can assure you, there will be no problems with your cheese. If there are, which I highly doubt, please feel free to reach out to me at and I’ll make it right.