Barely Buzzed and Sea Hive

Beehive Cheese Company - Barely Buzzed and Sea Hive
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(1) Beehive Cheese Company - Barely Buzzed, 1lb
(1) Beehive Cheese Company - SeaHive, 1lb

Two of my favorites.
Of course I’m in.
I can eat an entire wedge of either of these in a single sitting.

In, and the silver lining in my hotel’s malfunctioning HVAC. Love this stuff (not the humidity)!

Never tried these before. Could you guys give me an idea of the flavors? Sharp, sweet, bitter, nutty? I love almost all types of cheese, but usually stay away from the more bitter or peanut-y ones. Thanks!


You won’t find much difference between the Sea Hive and a nice 12-month or so aged cheddar.

The Barely Buzzed has the same basic flavour, but it also has definite notes of coffee and lavender. I would not call it bitter unless you are on the more sensitive end. Even if so, you could cut off the rind, give it to me, and the rest is not the least bit bitter. Just some coffee aromatics to make this a delicious cheese.

I wish this was a pair that was one each Barely Buzzed and Tea Hive.

Barely Buzzed is amazing in a grilled cheese on a country loaf. Pair that with a zin and some pickled cherry peppers and you have yourself a nice fall lunch.

How long will this stuff last in the fridge unopened? I love it but usually only buy one “set” at a time. Thinking of buying more to use over time just want to make sure I’ll eat it before it goes bad.

um, forever? checking on specifics, but it has to be a good long time.

Tim from Beehive Cheese here. The cheese will last for at least 6 months if it is unopened and in original packaging. Once you open the cheese, enjoy within 2 weeks. Don’t touch the cheese with dirty hands and wrap it up tightly in cling wrap.

I love the sea hive but dislike the barely buzzed. I found the coffee taste to be strong enough to interfere with the cheese.

oooh goodie!! i love these, first i loved barely buzzed and thot seahive is so so, but after my second purchase i loved seahive better than other, both are awesome if you ask me!!

I find the flavors depend on how i slice the cheese. real thin shards really let the flavors bloom in your mouth. whereas chunks or squares just doesnt allow the subtlety to shine through

Sold out? Really? Oh well, delivery window getting tight anyway with upcoming nuptials/honeymoon.


Can we please get some truffle tremor back on here??!??!