Beehive Barely Buzzed and Sea Hive

Sounds bad. Lavender rubbed? Sounds like some kind of soap not cheese.Yuk

Is the TeaHive coming? I’ve been waiting for Beehive to show up but I’m not a fan of the Barely Buzzed. I’d take two Sea Hives though.

You’d better stay away from anything with herbs de Provence, then.

I’m torn between telling you to try this cheese, or letting you go your way so there’s more for the rest of us. It is sooooo good!

I’ve purchased this deal several times and love it. I’m happy to see that it’s back on Woot, because it’s at a nice discount.

I’m so incredibly in love with the Barely Buzzed cheese. It tastes a little bit like it was smoked and the espresso rub is to die for. I would definitely buy if just the BB was available.

I much prefer the Barely Buzzed and am pretty neutral to the Seahive. Wanna go in for one each and trade?

I haven’t yet met a cheese from this producer that I don’t absolutely swoon for.

Thank you all for the kind words! That’s so sweet!

This is a fantastic price for these delicious cheeses; but I live right btwn Hill and Antelope Island, so I’ll pay slightly more to simply swing by and get fresh squeaky curds while I’m on my way to Ogden next.

Is there renet in the cheeses? If so, animal or vegetable?


Love almost all the Beehive cheeses, order every time they are on Woot. They last for months unopened in the coolest part of my fridge so I always have this on hand.

Yup, rennet is used as an ingredient! We use microbial rennet, which is considered vegetarian. Cheers! -Katie

I PM’d you.

I enjoy both but am especially partial to the Barely Buzzed. Beehive is a must order whenever we see it on Woot.

I bought this last time. They’re both just alright, in my opinion. I mean, I wouldn’t buy them again. I gave some of each one to my dad and, well, he still hasn’t tried the Barely Buzzed (I vacuum packed them, so it should still be alright), but he said he didn’t care for the Sea Hive. I also thought the Sea Hive was a bit boring and I don’t even think I finished the last bit. I love cheese and eat plenty of it everyday, but these were just alright to me. I do remember doing something yummy with the Barely Buzzed - mixing it with some jelly and crackers I believe, but alone it wasn’t something that knocked my socks off.

I’m surprised to hear that but everyone is different. I don’t care much for the Espresso rub on the Barely Buzzed which is probably what makes it their most popular cheese but I am crazy about the cheese itself. I actually scrape most of the rub off it to get at that glorious cheese!

The SeaHive is my favorite but last time they offered several two-packs, I got one of each and they were all delicious. The aforementioned as well as TeaHive, Promontory, Smoked Habanero, Uinta Jack, Big John’s Cajun and Smoked Apple Walnut.

From that experience, I’ve decided that Beehive cheeses are my absolute favorite. Must be that Jersey cow milk combined with the artisanal magic of the Beehive team. Hope to see more mixed offers in the future, would definitely go in for one of each again.

I can’t stand lavender in foods, because it does taste soapy to me. That being said, the cheese is fantastic. The lavender is not overdone.

If I order now, would these be good for Christmas presents? Still fresh enough, I mean? I know cheese ages and such, but how about these in particular?

Thanks - cheese noob

Yes, IIRC these should last ~ 6 months refrigerated/unopened. Hopefully Katie will jump in with a more definitive answer.