Beer Olive Cognac

0 for 6 today. 5 cart yanks… not sure what im doing wrong… i think using amazon pay and having to log in each time adds another step or two that screws up the queueing process…?

So what am I supposed to do when I hit the Vestibule? Should I actually just wait or try to back out and try again? I clicked buy when the bar was still full, got sent to the VoP and am still there…

I was actually excited for a “beer olive cognac” - when will this be invented?

Whew! I’ve been VOPed for every single BOC today and did not think I would succeed on this one either. Man, feels good to know I finally have some crap coming my way!

Try using the regular Woot login?

The VOP is a waiting queue that spits out orders at a rate that the servers can handle. A few orders go straight through, all the remaining go to the VOP. Just wait it out. If nothing happens after about 4-5 minutes, you can leave it.


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Darn. Okay. Guess I gotta try to catch it again later (also thanks!)

Just remember that there’s a couple hundred people doing the same thing you are.

Now to refresh tracking every other hour til it gets here



Is that it for the day ??? Or more coming today ??

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Son of a VOP

Ooooh snap I finally got it lol. I literally clicked every single bag of crap in the last like 6 woot offs and have been VOPd since October!! :dancer::dancer::dancer:


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Hold up, is there a better way to catch BoCs than hoping to catch them when the get listed? I am just refreshing the woot off page itself.

Been trying to figure it out

They don’t usually answer that, because if they say no, people will stop watching.


Just realized this BOC is also named BOC (Beer Olive Cognac) how ironic. Excited to go through the potentially crappy/awesome/meh items with my kids, it’s our favorite thing to get in the mail. my 8 year old has been bragging to his friends for two years that he’s getting bags of crap in the mail, that’s always a fun one to explain to other adults :joy::joy:

Remember to post what you got. We love seeing BOCs.

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