Belkin Conserve Energy Saving Outlet 2PK

Belkin Conserve Energy Saving Outlet 2PK

Was genuinely interested to the point of wondering - do you have to mess with that selector switch every time you plug something into it… or does it automatically power up and start the shutdown timer each time?

… But then saw a high failure rate in the 10% 1-2 star reviews. Never mind.

I bought three of these a couple of years ago. Two have failed due to the cheapo top switch.

I’ll eventually fix them with a real momentary switch, but I came recommend them.

" Energy Saving Outlet"

I don’t like the sound of that…


“Come on down to the Energy Saving Outlet! Energy isn’t the only thing you’ll be saving with our low, low prices!”


We’ve been using one of these on our espresso machine for the past 7 years. No problems.

Do you really base your purchases off negative reviews? For the most part it seems to be a great product at a great price.

As long as you don’t toggle endlessly you’ll be fine.

When the negative reviews reach 9-10% or higher, yes, I look closer. And if the negative reviews cannot be explained away by stupid user issues, I take them seriously.

There are far too many great products competing for our hard-earned money to excuse less than great products.

Do you really base your purchases solely off positive reviews? (Since positive reviews are never fake.)

High star rating averages, just like statistics, often lie.

BTW, we own some older Belkin equipment and it used to be better. But the company Belkin has some historical ethical issues. Perhaps they’ll be improved by newish owner Foxconn. That means Belkin-owned Linksys and WeMo are now also Foxconn owned.


Really wanted to like this idea, but could not think of a use that would be ‘useful’ until I saw the pic of the workbench. I often end up setting my cordless batteries in the charger when I am done with a project, and then don’t get back out the the shop until the following weekend… or longer. This would be a good thing for turning off the battery charger after a fixed time to cut down on the power consumption as well as presumably conserve some life for the charger.
So many of my other items either have clocks associated (like my coffeemaker which I often program to make coffee. As for my phone charger, the bottom line is using one of these it would take YEARS to offset the cost (at a typical cost of about 25-30 cents a year to run a charger that is not actively charging a phone, that means about 15 years to pay off one device… IF you have amazon prime…)

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I buy these (I have 6) from Belkin when on sale (~$6 each + free shipping) over the last few years. Quite a few uses:

  1. Bathroom; so that my toothbrush, Dot and the Bluetooth speaker isn’t on all day while I’m gone.
  2. Charging bank: I have at least 4 items charging overnight for 6 hours on my bedside table. I turn the timer on when i goto sleep. Phantom draw is a real thing for chargers.
  3. Same as 2 for my son’s who have devices of their own.
  4. Weekly, I make steel cuts oats overnight
  5. Charging batteries for my power tools in the garage
    I have had none fail, guess I’m lucky

One did not work from this deal.

Hi there. Sorry for the bum outlet. Make sure you contact Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

It would be better to just buy a smart outlet instead of a glorified timer.

Meanwhile Newegg has these for 9.75 but I think there are mostly useless.

Newegg is for a single. Ours is a two-pack.

2 > 1

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A smart outlet would draw power all the time, defeating the whole purpose.