Bell + Howell Taclight Lantern 2-Pack

Sounds like a nice light HOWEVER the nicer ones I have obtained have magnets on the bottom for attaching to metal surfaces - there is no mention or a magnetic base - can anyone that has a B&H made light add comments to verify either way please? and
Thanks !

You bet I can. The answer is no. I bought these hear a while back. They are bright and work well for general illumination. HOWEVER, the are advertised as Waterproof and shown on the box underwater and even frozen in a block of ice! They are far from it. Yes, you can take them out in the rain, but the bottom battery cover doesn’t even have an o-ring seal. As I said as lanterns they work reasonably well, but they are far, far from “military grade”.

Thanks for the reply TexasScout - Still have a question please - Do the ones you purchased here have magnetic bases (reason important to me as I want them to light under the hood of automobiles - need to “stick” the lamps to the underside of the hood/s)for illumination…

What’s with “Bell + Howell” slapping their name on all sorts of garbage these days?

My guess is the movie-projector business hasn’t paid the bills since 1985.

$10 each for a very small lantern with over-stated capabilities is a huge “pass” for me.

I have purchased several lanterns like these from either here or Meh in the past for about $5 each.

On the plus side, they are bright. The collapsing design is handy, as are the swing-away metal handles. Using AA batteries is a plus for us NiMH fans.

However, these are over-priced and unlikely to stand up to submersion or fire as the description states. Hey. plastic melts in a fire!

No magnetic base.

These are the ones you want to look at for this price, and they have a magnetic base.

You can get some small and powerful magnets at the home/hardware store to make anything magnetic. Just a thought.

Bell & Howell essentially went out of business in the early 2000s. The company was divided up and sold to various other companies. The name is used by a private equity group who most recently acquired the name in 2011.

Like Polaroid, Sharper Image and many other corporations from the past, they exist only as a name.

How many lumens?

600 Lumens

EtekCity has the same in a four pack for one dollar more & prime eligible.

FANTASTIC! Quality LED’s & great design. I paid TWICE as much for the same lanterns with magnets on bottom (bought 6).
Missed this deal, or I would have bought a couple of more at $10.
Hard to understand why so many people complain.
If you need a magnet, just glue one inside the base. If you need an “O” ring buy one, use a rubber band or silicone.
LOL, if the light is too bright shade it somehow.