BellSouth 2 Way Wristwatch Communicator - 2 Pack

whats the range on these things? how far could u be apart from eachother?

edit: 1.5 Mile Range… not enough for me

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BellSouth 2 Way Wristwatch Communicator - 2 Pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 BellSouth FW13ZHS 2 Way Wristwatch Communicator

Got the last ones, they were pretty cool. Don’t need two more though. Great price!

I think I’d feel like an idiot talking into my watch. What if the other person ignores you? Then you’re just the crazy person talking to your wrist.

specs say up to 1.5 mi range

What’s the battery life for these things?

In this era of ubiquitous cell phone coverage, are these items even relevant? Still, for $20 I’m readu to take a chance…

I feel the beginnings of a Star Trek theme…first the picture on the TV yesterday, now communicators. What next, a tri-dorker?

Ahhh…just one minute to late, and i’m all the way at the bottom!

Froogle Minimum Price $24.80

Yahoo Shopping Only Price $29.99

Awesome, now me and my friends can pretend to be secret agents…

Any way, this concept seems rather useless. And whats worse is that there is a wired ear piece that is going to run to your wrist.

Compare prices…

Froogle … $29.99

Where else do they sell these?

OK, pretending to be James Bond at 8 was cool, but at 36, it would just be creepy.

“1.5 theoretical miles”

They look pretty cool. They can be useful for the nephews to play with or even just for fun playing some hide n seek game or whatever.

can you hear me now?

CompUSA $29.99

Hey, these are just like the other ones I go from woot that were not vanity-branded.

and no earpiece either.

They were a lot of fun at the zoo!!

I could have used these on the cruise ship this past week. Lost to many of my friends and the Nextel didn’t work. Seems like a good price for them too.

I bought the red ones and only one of the f’ers worked. peeing all over tonights woot.