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bought a 2700 lumen for outdoor movies…
it’s fantastic.
Movies start at 7:30PM on the east coast, projector is 8 feet from the screen and it is clearly visible.

What if I told you they were both 2700 lumens.

I would pick both just to see both rabbit holes

Wish I paid more attention and realized none of those inputs were DVI or HDMI. My fault, but for only 280 I can spend a few more bucks to get an HDMI to VGA converter and use the projector when I decide that size is more important than quality. I am sure this will hold me over for quite a while.

Is there any real difference between the XL2420T monitor and the XL2420TX monitor, aside from better marketing and higher prices?

And to answer my own question: [url=]

Apparently… 3D Vision HDMI support is part of the X model and not the regular model.

Also it has a built in emitter while the other one needs an external one for 3D. It’s supposed to come with an eyeglass for nvidia 2 but looking at the description I’d guess since its refurbished that’s what they left out :frowning:

Great monitors regardless, I have both versions and plan on picking up a third whenever I get a bigger workspace.

I am extremely uncomfortable with your innuendo. Or have I just been on the Internet for too long?

So does the XL2420TX come with a pair of 3D glasses? BenQ Web site shows it does (1 pair) yet no real mention that they are included including not being listed in “Whats in the box”. If I have to buy glasses that would suck.

We have confirmed that the XL2420TX does come with the 3D glasses as shown in the photo. It should be added to the “In the box” list soon.

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