BenQ Very Much

BenQ user for years, they’re rock solid, not a bandwagon electronics entry from a dishwasher company. They do monitors and are worth the monitary.

Any guesses on the game being played in the picture? I’m going to go with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

My question is what the minimum conditions are these to be labelled “factory reconditioned”?

Are these the units that have dead pixels and backlighting issues that customers have returned?

What recourse do we have if we buy and there are obvious issues with the monitor?

Just got mine in the mail today. Neither have dead pixels and appear to be 100%. They came in plain brown cardboard boxes, with misc cables (they did come with dual link DVIs). One is missing the protective novelty bag. All in all, happy with the purchase.

Now… back to Witcher 3 :slight_smile:

You already got yours? Mine has yet to ship…jealous.