Besitos Red Case

Besitos Red Case (12-Pack)
Sold by: Rainier Wine
$99.99 $396.00 75% off List Price
NV Besitos Red Blend

Anyone every try this? I’m tempted just because our stock is low, and so are my dollars! We’ve been appreciating blends lately, anyway. I have not tried any of their named wine labels.

The Amazon reviews are a little thin quantity wise, but

As noted in reviews this wine at 13 g/L RS is off dry. Acidity should offset it a little bit but don’t expect a dry wine here.

Chuckled at the conflicting reviews at the mothership:

“…good wine for the price, especially if you like a sweeter, low tannins kind of wine.”


“…and it was just too dry for us…of course we like swetter (sic) wines. If you like dryer reds this is for you.”

It’s magical. It’s whatever you want it to be. How can they charge so little for magic juice?!

A lot of people perceive sweetness as fruitiness but really it’s in the mouthfeel in wines like this. It’s the same reason the majority of wine drinkers claim to like dry wines and dislike sweet wines but the best selling wines year after year have a bit of RS.

Perhaps one likes really sweet, one likes really dry, and this is in the middle. The person who likes dry is going to see it as too sweet and the person who likes sweet is going to see it as too dry.


Just from the comments over at Amazon, I think I’ll give this a go. One person liked it better than Apothic which is readily available around here, and this is every day table-ish type use I’m looking for. Thanks for all the input.

Still waiting for the next Woot! offering.

We have had 3 unique woot.cellars offers in 3 months.

I nabbed a case! Look at the discount. 8.30 a bottle rather than 29.99. I have never had nor heard of this wine since I am in Vermont. I’ll give it a go based on the comments and price.