Betty Boop Plush Pants

I can’t speak to the quality of these pants but what national fabric shortage crisis is keeping all those girls’ shirts three inches too short?


Do those come with the creamy filling?


Sadly, in my neck of the woods, people of both sexes who weigh over 300 pounds often wear these shopping. The ensemble is completed with a pair of knock-off krocs shoes and a sweatshirt featuring Tweety Bird.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a hankerin’ for some doublemint gum.”

My wife’s experience with these pants, was not a good one. The moment she put one on it ripped. Maybe not the norm, but that’s her experience.

These are cute but uncomfortable. They’re cut much too low and they’re not like lounge pants, but more like yoga pants. The bad thing is the fabric is not stretchy. They’re also really, really warm. Too warm for Florida. :frowning: