Bialetti Cookware

We have the pasta pot and LOVE it! It makes draining any pasta a breeze! We’re actually looking for a replacement pot since ours is old and pretty banged up from lots of use. Unfortunately, my husband wants a black one, not one of the blue ones you guys have listed. For the price, I may be able to convince him though…

Correct me if I’m wrong but aluminium is a no-go on induction cooktops, right? It needs some steel?

I thought that was a white plate with a piece of salmon on it, sitting on top of the skillet like a lid.

Correct. It needs something to be magnetic. A good reference:

"Question: What Cookware is Compatible with Induction Cooktops?
Induction cooking is very different from conventional gas or electric cooking methods. It works by creating a magnetic field between the pot and the magnetic coils beneath the cooking surface, which heats the contents of the pot. Because of this, not every pan will work on an induction cooktop.

Induction-compatible cookware contains ferromagnetic materials – in other words, it contains iron, or has a layer with magnetic properties. Cast iron, enamel cast iron and most types of stainless steel cookware are all induction compatible (But not all types – for instance, All-Clad’s MC2 line, which is made of aluminum and stainless steel, is not induction compatible).

Aluminum, copper or glass cookware will not work unless they have a layer on the bottom with magnetic properties.

To tell if a pot or pan is induction-compatible, hold a magnet to the bottom. If it clings, the cookware will work on an induction cooktop. Also, many manufacturers have started putting a n “induction compatible” symbol on the bottom of their cookware or they’ll note compatibility on their packaging. The symbol often looks like a horizontal zig-zag or a coil."

You can buy an interface disk to make any cookware compatible such as this:

Enjoy! I have two pieces like this and so far I like them just don’t overheat them where you destroy the ceramic glaze.

I got the 12" pan from a local vendor recently. My cooking on it so far has included eggs, bacon, fish, chicken… its amazing. The stuff just slides around in the pan, the closest to sticking was when frying an egg some of the egg white stayed in place until bumped by the other egg, then it was gliding around again. When done, just wiped it out with a paper towel, sauce residue and other stuff that normally is glued to the pan (even on my older non-sticks) just came right off. When rinsed, the water beaded up again like it was perfectly clean. You can’t tell I have even used it, still perfectly white. I am now replacing all my old pans with this, Anolon and All-Clad.

And yes, this will work on induction (its got a special base plate):

I wish the pasta pot was ceramic nonstick and not PTFE. I’d be in for one but not a fan of teflon.

I have the little saucepan and have for years. I use it almost daily, and the non-stick coating shows no sign of wear. Neither does a skillet I have had for almost as long.

I’m buying the larger pasta pot. I need one anyway, and it’s a good deal.

If Apple were to design cookware, I believe it would look like the evolution saute pans…

So, of course, now I want them though I have neither the need nor the cabinet space.

Home Chefs should be wary of non-stick coated cookware billed as stir-fry pans. These are actually just deep saute pans- nonstick coatings cannot withstand the super high cooking temperatures that traditional stir frying demands.

Also, while nonstick saute pans will always have a place in a chef’s arsenal, good stainless steel and cast iron pans are needed to create the delicious sucs required for pan sauces and other culinary techniques.

Edit: lest I come across as a downer let me add that for those in need of that nonstick pan, Bialetti cookware IS an excellent choice!

Looking at the 7 3/4 ceramic saute pan and the 11 stir fry pan–it looks like the same picture.

Any chance that the saute pan picture is up there twice?

Aw, man, no moka pot?

If Apple were to design cookware they would charge 10x what it’s worth and claim that they invented the pan, right after they invented fire.

Is it safe to assume all of these were made in China? Most of the descriptions don’t have a country of manufacture, but the few that do have China. If anyone knows the answer to this, that’d be great!

I love this.

Looking at the Bialetti 07241 Arte Collection 10-Piece Cookware Set: I have what appears to be the 5.5 quart sauce pot. I love it. The nonstick coat is durable, the pot is nice and heavy, without being difficult to move around. I’d love to have the whole set. The only thing I don’t like is that when you take off the lid after boiling something, you have to be VERY careful or you can splash that boiling liquid on yourself or someone near you. Other than that, the outer ceramic coat has held up very well, and I love using this pot. The size is perfect for most things I do, but I could definitely use other pices in that set.

I’m hearing that the white ceramic stains easily, anyone had any experience with white ceramic non-stick?


Sorry for the delayed response to your inquiry. From the buyer:
“Yes, the stir fry pans are made in China. I don’t think the image is right, should be deeper for a stir fry. I requested the right image from Bialetti earlier this week and apologize this one is incorrect. Please let me know if there are any other questions I can answer.”*

I hope this information is helpful!

I had a huge 5 quart Bialetti sauté pan for YEARS which I picked up in a Loblaws in Canada purely by accident. It was AH. MAY. ZINGGG. Heavy enough to brain someone, it stood up to almost daily use for about 10 years til the spouse moved it from a hot element into ice cold water, peeeeeeeeeeeeeeew it bent itself into an oval shape in front of my eyes.

I was very happy with it and am looking at this cookware with a very serious eye, even though I now have a gorgeous Swiss Diamond replacement. However, my pan was made in Italy, I wonder how these ones will stand up. Price is good enough to give at least one a whirl, though.

Most of the pans labeled here as “sauté pans” are actually skillets. The 11" pan with the lid is the only sauté pan. Anyway, at this price, I’m in for 2 pans.