Big and tall shirt sizes

How come the custom artwork shirts never have anything above 3XL??? Do you realize how many geeks are plus sized from years of sitting at a computer and fixing what others broke???

All they do is shove pizza and Mountain Dew under my door and keep me locked up! I need plus sized shirts…or the smell will only intensify!!!

I have spoken!

l33t g33k :sunglasses:


@Lady5tark is the goddess of Shirt.woot. I tagged her so she’d see your request.


my husband is tall & needs tall sized shirts but I don’t think there are enough tall and big customers to keep the shirts on hand :woman_shrugging:

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Agree to disagree, but I plus sized retail clothes sell out fast. I think Woot should try carrying 4XL and 5XL blank shirts for a few months and see how well they sell. :wink:

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We hear you, unfortunately we are under the confines of what our producer stocks!

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Who is your producer?

The mothership.

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Well they need bigger sizes! Ok, done ranting. :frowning: