Bike Claw Plastic Ceiling Mount

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Bike Claw Plastic Ceiling Mount
Price: $15.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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11/18/2013 - $16.00 (Woot Plus)

And how is this any better than a $3 hook you screw into a stud?

I think, for people who can’t maneuver things well, for whatever reason, this is easier to use because you just push up (no trying to get it off the hook). But I do not own one, so I do not know for sure. I don’t think it is better per se. Just a fancy version of the hook that may work a little easier for some people.

Wow, if I bought one of these for each of the bikes in my garage, it would cost me $164.90, and that wouldn’t even hold everything I have hanging up out there now.

I have two 2x4s mounted to my garage ceiling, each with 8 rubber-coated steel hooks screwed into it. It cost me about $3 for each 2x4, and $3 for a 2-pack of hooks. Besides the bikes, I have a couple scooters, a push style mower, a bike trailer and a couple other random things.

Aside from looking kinda cool, I can’t imagine paying so much for these… I don’t think they’d even work very well for a few of the things I have on the hooks out there now.

Just some thoughts.

I like them and this is a good price. In for two. I would never hang kids bike because then you have to get them up and down all of the time. I’ll use these hooks for the two pricey bikes I have. Plus, Gladiator branded stuff is always pretty cool.

Not to mention, you should really have two hooks so you can hang your bike from each tire. It’s really not good for the rims to hang all the weight on one hook.

Uh…a $2 hook does the same thing.