Bird ES4-800RN 800w Scooter (Renewed)

Bird ES4-800RN 800w Scooter (Renewed)

15.5 mile range, or 15.5 mph top speed? 28 mile range, or 28 mph top speed? Confusing.

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This is the difference of whether I purchase the item or not. I hope Woot responds quickly! Is it:15.5 mile range and a 28 mph top speed or or 15.5 mph top speed and 28 mile range???

Hello. Asking. That bullet is ultra confusing and the Googles isn’t helping. BestBuy says one thing and Adorama says another. :\

UPDATE: Top speed is 15.5 mph and then it has a 28 mile max operating range.

Walmart refurb. 298.00

Can you send us the link to that sale so we can look into this?

The WallyWorld refurb (renewed) is $499, NOT $298.00,…unless you have alternative links

Walmart HAD them for 298. They are out.

Woot isn’t cheap anymore :frowning: can’t trust that they provide cheap prices anymore…
$299 at walmart again