Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials

Can anyone clarify the sizing here when it says 9 to 9.5 is that in women’s or men’s, or even better the European sizing?

Hey there! We updated the listing. Thank you for letting us know!

There’s no size chart. Is the 7-7.5 W the same as a 38?.

any one know which size is best for a euro 36 ladies?

Here’s Birkenstock’s size chart:


very helpful thanks!

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EVA = synthetic leather.

" EVA, a synthetic waterproof and lightweight material. "

ThunderThighs, you rock!

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how have you updated the listing? are these men or womens sizes. the birkenstock chart is unhelpful as it tells you how to convert american to european sizing. can’t order these because of the bad info about sizing. nothing has been updated. what exactly is unisex sizing??? this means nothing.

M is Mens
W is womens

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Is anyone else having issues adding this to their cart? I’m getting an error on my phone and on web browser, nothing happens.

Hi there. What size are you ordering. We only have these available at this point:

Black - size 6 2A Women
White - 11B (M) US Women / 9D(M) US Men
Metallic Silver: 8-8.5 Women Narrow
Metallic Copper: 6-6.5 Women Narrow
Metallic Copper: 7-7.5 Women Narrow
Navy - Size - 5-5.5 Women

Hey Woot! Wassup with the iOS app and website on Safari? The option to buy 8-8.5 W narrow in metallic silver and the “add to cart” icon is active but when I select it nuthin happens!

Hi there sorry about that. I fixed it so you can order now.


I know opinions are like you know whats, everybody has one. But I bought a pair of these a few years back and wore them once or twice. I’ve had multiple pairs of Birkenstock’s over the years and have even worn a few pairs out. These things are uncomfortable, chafed my feet, and are not at all anything like crocs. Not like crocs are the best shoes ever or anything, but at least they are somewhat comfortable. I purchased the same size as what I wear in the leather variety too. Just my 2 cents.

Well, BOO. Now that sizing I wanted is sold out. Rude.

It was 5 days ago? And TT is never rude.


I read an article that said Amazon may be selling counterfeit Birkenstocks.