Birkenstock Unisex Kyoto Nubuck Leather Sandals

Birkenstock Unisex Kyoto Nubuck Leather Sandals

Pretty sandals in my size and supposed to arrive on my bday - karma baby


I just passed on this exact pair from The Rack. They were $80ish. I found other colors (not at this price!). Love these!!! My new faves!


Agree, these are great!
And Happy Almost Birthday!

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Thank you very much! Cannot wait to get them


I wear a size woman’s 12 and it is so rare to find shoes in colors other than black, white, grey, or tan. The Rack is the 1st place I ever was able to find actual women’s shoes in my size, out of Payless (which I am not knocking, the were a blessing)

My first pair from The Rack were black knee high Uggs with a zipper running down the back and small silver spikes - $99. I remember thinking how expensive they were, but the person with me reminded me that I never found cute shoes in my size, so I bought them.

That was 20+ years ago

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Shoe shopping with my son, at the time a size 13 we would try anyplace for shoes. But we learned to walk in and ask “what do you have available in a size 13” before he got his hopes set on a pair(s) that weren’t an option.

I remember Shoe Carnival, Rack Room & The Rack were places we would sometimes have luck. I don’t judge a store by the name.

Sneaker stores? They NEVER had anything for him.

I’m glad you found these & I know I really enjoy mine (I’m a size 40, so I have a bit of an easier time).

Birkenstock online were blowing these out awhile back. If you aren’t subscribed you don’t get their blow out end of season sale notices.

Husband just got a pair of Kyoto from this company & suggested you might want to look for variety. BSTN
Not sure why it links to mens, they have womens as well. And it appears they have options I haven’t seen in Kyoto. :eyes:

Ok. Gotta figure out why he didn’t tell me about that link sooner! :wink:


Thank you very much! More shoes!!


Did your sandals arrive yet?
Bought my 1st pair of shearling boots ($55) delivered today and they are perfect!
Box/shipping/packing looked like straight from Birk.
So Happy!