Bissell Vac and Shine Wet & Dry Mop

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Bissell Vac and Shine Wet & Dry Mop
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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when is the exciting stuff gonna be sold?

Bought this last Wootoff. The box has the remnants of what appeared to be a Bed Bath & Beyond price tag on it. Not Woot!'s finest hour. Beware.

The moment you give up.

I bought one on the last wootoff. I LIKE IT.

Good for light vacuuming on a hard floor, then decent for light sprayed mopping on that hard floor.

(edit: Mine had a full Bed Bath & Beyond sticker too. Funny. But it was a new and sealed box.)

In for .5

Oh come on! You can both vacuum AND mop with this! What’s more fun than that!!!?!?!?!

ooooh. can we have a projector next? prttyplz.

It looks like there may be a few of these

I purchased this the last woot around. Vac works great on wood, laminate and vinyl floors, and I mopped the kitchen today after cooking corn soup which got splashes of corn all over the place. It looks great…ready for the next assault. Oh wait, poaching pears to wrap in pastry dough - the onslaught has begun already.

sweet link to Cyndi Lauper singing ‘up all night’

This is a good price for a good piece of equipment. It isn’t exciting, but it’s a good, solid product. I have one, and I paid about twice this. I say buy it.

wow, i’m honestly getting REALLY angry now. for the last 22 hours has there been anything that great? no, and i’m being completely honest. we just waste our time for this bs crap and now there’s only less than 2 hours left so STOP SELLING US DUMB BISSEL’S AND MOUSE PADS FROM THE VERY FIRST COMPUTER IN HISTORY!! You obviously see what we write in here, give us what we’ve all been waiting for !!

pity I am renting a room for the next year… now, if it was a small regular vacuum, this would be awesome for my lil room!

Thanks - I was considering it. Actually I may have one out in a corner of the garage - not this one - but something like it that I did not like. OK, off to another spot.

Do these suck?

Not a problem. I dual wield them (they’re VERY light) and I clean my kitchen twice as fast.

Order two!