Black and White

Clearly, the name of the black bird is “Ink” while the name of the white bird is “Page.”

Pretty. Makes me want to play with paint. I think white is one of the most effective colors to use on silver.

Raven + Dove:

Roven or Dave?

Or perhaps “The Architect”:

Check out kids.woot, you can find some art supplies there.

I love the sketchy look of this design. Glad to see it print although now that means I have yet another shirt I don’t have room for…

BTW, the front page specifications talk about a tote and this is clearly not a tote. I mean, I wouldn’t call that a gusset bottom.

Perhaps that write-up isn’t too far off the mark…

John James Audubon, in part to learn to draw birds, did a lot of drawings of dead birds, in fact. He hung them from strings, or fastened them to branches. Then he drew them just as they hung, dead.

I can’t find many examples on the web, but first photo down on the right here:

shows one example, complete with the (dead) bird hanging from a string.

Nice design… and nice to see a design that isn’t too cartoonish. Real tired of woot offering mostly cartoonish and inside joke kind of shirts.

Would love it more if the black bird didnt look like it was crying ahaha

Thought this was a Dillinger Escape Plan shirt when I saw the thumbnail. What about a derby for obscure bands?

The Yin and Yang of the bird world

Wonderful artwork, and I’m a sucker for bird shirts, for whatever reason. I would love this on AA silver…

This is a gorgeous design! Nice work!

Look at that texture! Looks like it was painted on canvas!

Wear this while singing Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”.

Is this a t-shirt or a tote? I’m not really up for a 10 oz 100% cotton canvas t-shirt with handles.

Congrats on another lovely print! Not only do the birds symbolize balance, the design is really well-balanced as well!

Heh, good catch. It’s a shirt. I’ll send that off for fixing.

You don’t like your shirts with a gusset bottom?

If it’s anything like this shirt:
then it will have that “Print in Draft Mode” look to it. In the case of this bird shirt, it will look canvas-like, especially with the light shirt color. However, on the shirt I linked to, it looks terrible. Looking forward to receiving this shirt.

For some of us, it’s the 10 oz. cotton thats the issue. That’s even heavier than the fleece hoodies … which is totally unnecessary with the triple digit weather here this weekend.